San Francisco Federal Court Rules Warrantless Medical Marijuana Raids Violate the US Constitution – Measure A allows warrantless raids

19 Oct


Butte County Measure A will be a disaster for the taxpayers. Allowing anonymous complaints is just outrageous, it’s going to start neighbor wars, and the courts will be completely bloated with suits against law enforcement agencies.  

No on Measure A. If you can’t support Measure B, at least vote NO on A. 

Well, maybe not ANYBODY but Gruendl… council candidates look so bad this year, I’m writing in Joe Montes

19 Oct

This is a very unpleasant election, not as fun as usual – there aren’t any good candidates. City Council is an avalanche of crap. Look at our choices here – I already discussed why I’m not voting for Gruendl, now I’ll tell you why I’m not voting for ANY of them.

Mark Sorensen says it’s too hard to cut the salaries and perks because he gets the same package as city manager of Biggs. He won’t rock the CalPERS boat. Did you see his campaign flier?

I know, the same picture he's used for the past two or three elections.

I know, the same picture he’s used for the past two or three elections, Mark and The Super Vixens.  

What I see in this picture is five people on the public dole – we pay for a $21,000+ package for Mark Sorensen and his tribe there. He also gets a package from city of Biggs. Our contracts are written so that if an employee gets another package from another job, they can choose a package from the city and then accept a cash payout instead of the insurance policy. What do you think Sorensen does – does he take two policies at the public expense or does he take the better policy and then take cash for the lesser? 

What I  don’t see in this picture is the grandkid he was bragging about a couple of years back, or any son-in-law to go along with said grandkid, so I’m guessing grandkid is also on the public dole. 

No, this man will never take any kind of stand against public overcompensation, he’s never going to go after the conflict of interest in the cop and fire contracts (the city collects their unions dues, even from employees who don’t want to be in the union, and they use the money for elections). An endorsement for this man is an endorsement for bankruptcy and a life in chains for the private sector worker.

And then there’s little Reanette Fillmer – when Michael Jones asked her if she will get a public pension for her work in Tehama County, she said she didn’t know. How cute – playing dumb? She works as a human resources consultant for a law group that works out of  CalPERS, doing CalPERS bidding in public entities all over the state. Now she’s here to make sure we pay our pension premiums so CalPERS doesn’t go bust and  take all those phat pensions with it.

I’ll just lump Forough Molina and  Lupe Arim-Law along with Gruendl because they won’t say anything that Gruendl and the Democrats haven’t pre-approved. In fact, in our conversation about the PG&E rate increase, Molina came off as an idiot.

I am interested in this discussion. I am one of those people who keeps my bills forever and fume over the changing charges. I remember in college physics, my prof told us that a group of Yale students could not figure out how the heck PG&E charged customers. Not sure if that was true, or just getting us fired up to solve some problems, but it sounded right to me. It’s pretty crazy, really, that people don’t seem to notice these increases. I guess on a single income, I do notice.

I work during the day, and have a pretty full calendar now, but do have some evenings I could find an hour or so for something important like this.

Let me know.

She can’t look at her bill and see what’s happening? She also excuses herself out of participating because of her job – will she have time to perform her duties on council? Probably – her duties would just be rubber stamping whatever Gruendl says. Same for Arim-Law – neither of them will discuss anything in depth, because they’re afraid to make any statement that is out of step with Gruendl and Mulhullond. They’re just a couple of fist-puppets.

Andrew Coolidge has lied right to me, he’s said things to me and then denied them later – I predict this guy will win, and then we’re going to be up Shit Creek without a paddle.  He’s the cops’ boy, and along with Fillmer and Sorensen, he’s going to take us down the road to Perdition.

The only candidate I can say I have an ounce of respect for is Rodney Willis. He’s the only one with the balls to say he’ll favor a tax. You know they all will, but they’re lying right now to get elected.  Still, I couldn’t vote for this guy, he didn’t have anything else, just honestly admitting he wanted to give the cops more money. Honesty isn’t enough Rodney, you have to have more brains than that. 

I wrote in Joe Montes. Joe is the only one who would discuss anything pertinent. He’s also very qualified to work on employee relations – he’s an administrative law judge, the same kind of judge that sat on our CPUC hearing like an old hooker holding down a popular corner. But he seems to be more concerned with the public welfare – he’s the one that opined it is a conflict of interest for city councilors to vote on contracts that include a clause that the city collects union dues that are funneled into councilors’ campaigns. That was enough for me, the rest of them are a pile of shit – I wrote in Joe Montes.




CPOA MOU – cops asking for 5 percent raise, other cherries

17 Oct

I received the agenda for the next city council meeting yesterday, and there at  the bottom is a discussion of the cops latest contract proposal. Here’s the report summary – I’ll admit, I edited in the slashes in that first date, they’d been left out and it looked like nonsense:

Chico POA
Proposal – September 24, 2014
The following is a proposal for a successor MOU to the one expiring 12/31114 between the
Chico Police Officers’ Association and the City of Chico. This proposal is intended to begin the
bargaining process and introduce several ideas that the POA believes can create a better
environment within the City of Chico Police Department, specifically the Departments ability to
retain and recruit police officers.
When possible, the current MOU provision that would be affected is listed. Wording is NOT
final and will be edited to reflect any changes prior to submission to the City in formal

1. Three year term ofMOU: 11/11/15-12/31/17. 1.3A 

2. Salary. 5% increase effective 1/1/15, 1/1116 and 1/1/17. 5.1 and Exhibit B
3. Longevity. Add four new longevity step increases of 4% at the following length of time
of employment with the city: 10 years, 15 years, 20 years and 25 years. New Article
5.12 “Longevity Pay”
4. Pay Step Addition and Adjustment. 5.1C
a. Add a Step H at 5% salary increase.
b. Add a “training pay” step equivalent to $18 per hour.
5. Cash out Holiday Time Banlc Reinstate policy of allowing employees to cash out
unused holiday time bank hours each year. 6.2
6. Vacation Cash Out. Allow employees to accrue vacation above the maximum caps and
to cash out any unused vacation accrued above the caps at the end of each calendar
year. 6.5
7. Holiday Hours. City shall provide ten hours of Holiday Time Bank pay for holidays.
8. OT Pay for Holidays. City shall pay employees overtime rate for working holidays. 5.2
and 6.1
9. FICA and Dental to be paid by City. 6.3

I had to ask Debbie Presson to reload the reports yesterday, because she’d “accidentally” loaded them so that they could not be cut and paste. She complained that it would “take hours” to reload the reports properly, but she did it. I think they are required by law to do that, even though she tried to avoid doing it for years, telling me, she was afraid I’d edit them if they were available in cut and paste. I swear to God, she told me that. All the sudden Chris Constantin showed up and now she has to load them the way I ask. Every now and then I catch her loading them wrong and all I have to do is ask – she reloads them. She claims it’s a matter of a little button being switched. If a private sector worker made that mistake constantly I think they’d be out of a job, but Debbie not only stays hired,  she gets over $135,000 a year in salary and only pays 9 percent of her loaded benefits package.  I know it seems petty – but just think, what does “hours” of her time cost, to load reports into a computer? 

Of course when I cc’d Chris Constantin, he sent me the whole MOU, in cut-and-pastable format.  The summary only highlighted stuff the cops want to change – they want a 5 percent raise (bust a snicker!), they want their holiday and sick leave banks restored, they want, they want, they want. They  remind me of the bums on the street corners, hand out, mouth open, ass slackened.

Michael Jones provides a good commentary on the summary here,

but doesn’t discuss what I found in the whole MOU – the city will still collect union dues, including those  officers who don’t want to join the union (they call that a “service fee”), and then handing the money over to the same union that dumps money into every election. And, Jones reports, the CPOA has missed the filing deadline for their campaign report.  It was due October 6, but still is not posted. Jones dug into the muni code and found this to be a misdemeanor. Wow, let’s call the cops!  Jones was the one who busted the news that such an agreement, according to administrative law judge and ex-city council candidate Joe Montes, is a blatant conflict of interest. 

Here’s our dilemma: these contracts will not come up for discussion on council until AFTER THE ELECTION. And, I will remind Jones, they spend and collect late, so they don’t post their biggest report until AFTER THE ELECTION.  I hope he’s not too disappointed when his candidates, Mark Sorensen, Reanette Fillmer and Andrew Coolidge, are shown to be the biggest recipients of the cops’ attentions, and then all turn around and sign this contract with very little editing. They will also be first on board for the sales tax increase, that’s my next prediction. 

 NOTE - I didn’t catch all the weird typos in the summary, but it’s readable





Chico Taxpayers Association votes ‘No’ on A and ‘Yes’ on B – A proponents pulling out all the stops with trash mailer

16 Oct
Say 'No' to property rights violation, say 'Yes' to private property rights.

Say ‘No’ to property rights violation, say ‘Yes’ to private property rights.

A friend of ours was telling my husband the other day, the ballot language of Butte County Measures A and B was confusing to him. I really thought I knew the measures, but when I tried to explain it to him, I found myself fumbling. So I whipped out the Voter’s Pamphlet.

On page 04-1114-501, there is a brief history of these measures under “Impartial Analysis.” It all came back to me – and made me kind of angry. Back in February of this year, 4 of 5 supervisors voted Ordinance 4075. Those four – Teeter, Lambert, Connolly, and Kirk, all seemed to agree that a committee of interested parties including law enforcement, pot growers and other “affected” property owners was a reasonable way to regulate marijuana grows in our county. The growers were happy enough with it. Law enforcement reported that raids went down as more growers worked to comply with 4075.

By June a group led by dissenting Supervisor Larry Wahl brought in signatures to overturn 4075. In response, 4075 proponents quickly brought in enough signatures to get Measure B placed right under it on the ballot.

I don’t like Candace Grubbs.  I think she plays favorites, and I think she gave the Measure A people more play than she gave the Measure B people.  I believe Larry Wahl stood up for her when County Admin Officer Paul Hahn called her on inappropriate use of staff for personal business, so she turned right around and did just exactly what he said he would  ask her to do – used county staff time to check each and every signature on the Measure B petition instead of doing the usual sampling, like she did with Measure A. She’s a bitch and she knows it, I’d have to get a lawyer up her ass to prove anything. And Larry Wahl will protect her as long as she does what he says.

Measure B is the same as 4075, except for a provision that the supervisors may not change the ordinance without a vote of the people. The county supervisors put together a committee of interested citizens and they worked for the better part of a year on 4075, arguing constantly between Larry Wahl’s Hate Camp and the various growers who didn’t necessarily agree on anything. One thing everybody seemed to agree on – they wanted to stop the environmental degradation, the water theft, and the ingress and egress of illegal aliens with military style weapons. The measure they came up with put strict limits on number of plants, restricted water usage, established residential and sanitary requirements for grow sites, setbacks, prohibitions from growing near schools and bus stops, fines of hundreds of dollars a day for noncompliance – to hear the Measure A proponents say this measure will cause lawlessness is just hilarious.

Measure B is loaded with restrictions on the growing and processing of pot.  When B proponent Andrew Merkel came to speak to  Chico Taxpayers, he stated several times that pot needs to be regulated, and that's what this measure addresses.

Measure B is loaded with restrictions on the growing and processing of pot. When B proponent Andrew Merkel came to speak to Chico Taxpayers, he stated several times that pot needs to be regulated, and that’s what this measure addresses.

My dad always told me, there’s no arguing with crazy people or liars, and that’s what we’re up against with the proponents of Measure A. They’ve all got their anecdotes – no names, no dates, no addresses…  They put out their own newspaper full of complaints about grows and activities that would be illegal under Measure B.

This is what our local law enforcement do with their union dues.

This is what our local law enforcement do with their union dues.

This “newspaper” is completely loaded. For one thing, they claim that Measure B will change the current ordinance – that’s an outright lie folks.

I find it hilarious they complain about professional signature gatherers – Larry Wahl used pros to collect signatures for Measure A, the city initiative he hoped would put college students out of city elections. That bombed because his employee Stephanie Taber was found to be using her office computer inappropriately for campaign purposes, while she and her friends were yakking up how much they hated college students and how they shouldn’t be allowed to vote here. She still works for Larry, and she’s been pretty busy with her peanut gallery. I’ve been getting Larry’s notices, asking people to write letters without any facts, just complaints. Here they also complain that they won’t be able to bother the police or sheriff with facetious anonymous complaints about anybody they feel like harassing.

Measure A was not passed by the supervisors - it was brought in by petition, and the supervisors had to either change the current ordinance drastically to suit these people or put it on the ballot. The only difference between Measure B and the current ordinance is a provision that the supervisors can't change the ordinance without a vote of the people.

Measure A was not passed by the supervisors – it was brought in by petition, and the supervisors had to either change the current ordinance drastically to suit these people or put it on the ballot. The only difference between Measure B and the current ordinance is a provision that the supervisors can’t change the ordinance without a vote of the people.

One of their latest claims is that Measure B will hurt the economy. Stand back folks, I hate to tell you – have you noticed how many “grow shops” there are sprung up around town?  They advertise marijuana trimming equipment on tv now, I’d seen the commercials about 10 times before I realized what they were talking about – machines that groom marijuana buds. They have all this specialized equipment, fertilizers, grow juices, special dirt, little gopher proof baskets, plastic grow bags – and it’s selling like hotcakes out the door. These shops are doing really well, in addition to Home Depot and Payless Lumber and all the building supply stores.

And, this is just an anecdote from an old issue of Life Magazine, about 1984, I saved it for years because it had a gorgeous picture of Princess Diana on the cover. Humboldt County was The Scene way back then. The Life reporter talked to local businesses who said pot had become a regular cornerstone of the economy. The car dealerships said their sales were through the roof at harvest time, and all the local businesses noticed the trickle down, especially cafes and hotels that filled up for weeks with folks who came from elsewhere to work the harvest.

So don’t try to tell me the pot industry is bad for the economy, that’s pretty weak Larry. I guess they  realized they weren’t getting anywhere with their lame stories about grandmas being terrorized at their mailboxes. Do you notice, all the stories they tell are of grows that would be illegal under Measure B? And here a guy who says the sheriff is understaffed is telling us the sheriff needs to be sent all over the county investigating hillbilly squabbles. Measure A will drag the sheriff and police into neighbor disputes. 

What I don’t get is why three of the four supervisors who originally approved the current ordinance, 4075, have turned about face and signed on to Measure A.

What's with the flip-flop Bill, Mo and Steve?

What’s with the flip-flop Bill, Mo and Steve?

Connolly, Kirk and Lambert all argued fiercely with Larry Wahl that they thought 4075 was a perfectly legitimate ordinance, that it had come from a broad spectrum of citizens on that committee, who really worked hard, gave of their personal time, argued this thing out.  But now they all sign on to this bullshit campaign against Measure B? 

I’m done with Mo Kirk. She doesn’t have the decency to attend either of those CPUC hearings, she can’t write a letter protesting this PG&E rip-off, instead sic’ing a PG&E employee on me. Now I find her name on this propaganda piece stuffed into my mail box? 

She said, at our Chico Taxpayer’s meeting, she didn’t want Butte County being known as “where they grow pot.” Well, for your information Maureen, Butte County is currently known as one of the poorest counties in California. Less than 25 percent of your constituents have gone beyond the 12th grade. Butte County’s unemployment rate is currently higher that the state’s. What exactly is it you’d like Butte County to be known for? The drunken DA who racks up his car with his kids in it? The sheriff’s sting operation at the stripper bar? The murders at Inskip? How about the Jimmy Campbell killing? How about the city of trees in which all the trees are turning brown? How about the park that’s falling apart? Wow, Butte County has such a rich heritage, maybe Maureen’s right , I wouldn’t want to spoil what we got going here.

Sac Bee: E-mails show the governor’s office was involved in CPUC/PG&E San Bruno scandal

14 Oct
  • GDO3570NN.2

Hector Amezcua /

Gov. Jerry Brown during the 8th Annual California Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014 in Sacramento.

Introducing Jeanne McKinney, CPUC judge

14 Oct

Jeanne McKinney’s Experience

Administrative Law Judge

California Public Utilities Commission

Government Agency; 501-1000 employees; Utilities industry

January 2012Present (2 years 10 months) San Francisco

Senior Counsel

Calpine Corporation

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; CPN; Utilities industry

April 2009December 2011 (2 years 9 months)

Advise operating gas plants on compliance with financing, project documents, power purchase agreements, environmental and other regulatory laws. Review regulatory filings. Work with development team on new natural gas and solar (PV) projects including acquisition of real estate and other rights; regulatory compliance; regulatory filings. Work with outside counsel to draft and negotiate variety of documents for development and operation of power plants.


San Francisco Parks and Recreation Open Space Advisory Committee (PROSAC)

20062011 (5 years)

• District 8 Appointee, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) Citizens Advisory Committee on Open Space (PROSAC) 2006 – present (Chair, 2009). Advise RPD and District 8 Supervisor on community issues such as bond proposals, capital improvements, park programming and property acquisition policy. As Chair, set agendas, ran meetings.

Partnership; 201-500 employees; Law Practice industry

20062009 (3 years)

Real Estate and Business Attorney: acquisition, disposition and financing of commercial properties; acquisition of land for utility scale solar development; business formation; debt and equity financing of businesses. Industry focus: solar energy, hospitality, wine, commercial office.


Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco

20082008 (less than a year)

Partnership; 501-1000 employees; Law Practice industry

20012006 (5 years)

Summer Associate and later Associate working in Business Finance and Real Estate Departments. Significant projects included: project financing (sale/leaseback) of 78 MW power plant; acquisition of equity interest in small energy project in St. Lucia; participation in CPUC regulatory proceedings; office leasing.

Government Agency; 501-1000 employees; Utilities industry

May 2000December 2000 (8 months)

Law Clerk for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Division

Documention Production Director

CMS Cameron McKenna

Partnership; 1001-5000 employees; Law Practice industry

19971999 (2 years)

operations specialist

Application Resources

19961998 (2 years)

Chico Taxpayers Association endorses anybody but Gruendl

14 Oct
My sentiments exactly.

My sentiments exactly.

I love this picture so much I may put it on buttons or a t-shirt. I got it on a mailer I received yesterday with the message, “Fire Scott Gruendl.” Chico Taxpayers Association couldn’t agree more! 

Gruendl told me years back, he was going to “bring some decent salaries into this town.” I thought he meant, better jobs for everybody – he meant he was going to join public workers all over the nation in jacking up their salaries by way of a contract MOU that attached salaries to “revenue increases but not decreases…”  That MOU was followed by increases of 14, 19, 22 percent over the next few years. City Manager Tom Lando’s salary went from about $65,000/year to about $165,000 a year, and Gruendl’s salary as Glenn County Health Director went up from around $50,000/year to just over $100,000.

In Glenn County he tried to eliminate a department and bring it under his management, demanding a huge salary raise to go with it. The retiring director was so mad at Gruendl, he cancelled his retirement in order to stop Gruendl from taking over his department. That’s what Dave Burkland did under Gruendl’s direction here in Chico – he eliminated positions, such as RDA director, Airport manager, and several others, took those titles and added them to his salary. His predecessor, Greg Jones, had enjoyed a $190,000/year salary after Lando. Burkland took a lessor salary, but then, under Mayor Gruendl’s direction, eliminated positions and added the salaries to his own, going from about $165,000 to almost the $190,000 Jones had retired on.  Gruendl stood by applauding – they told us they were saving money. That was and  remains a blatant lie, but Gruendl still insists he’s done a good job of stewarding our city.

Okay, let’s talk about what a freak this guy is. In 2012, he followed a city council candidate to his car in a dark parking lot, and swaggering like he was on meds, proceeded to threaten the man for divulging public information from the city podium.

He acted similarly at a committee meeting when I asked him why he and his neighbors protested a low-income housing project next to Doe Mill. Gruendl led that protest, claiming that low-income housing lowers property values for neighbors. He had the project moved over to North Valley Plaza, with no concerns for the neighbors there. Now North Valley Plaza is a wreck, piles of dirt have sat where successful stores had sat for years. “It’s always been an eyesore,” says the owner of the Pour House. No, it wasn’t always an eyesore, that happened on Gruendl’s watch. That was a viable part of town, with good family housing all around it. Why was it okay to place low-income housing there, but not next to Gruendl’s hood?

When I asked him this at a morning meeting, he shocked the entire assemblage by threatening to close the meeting. He never answered the question, even though the very topic of the discussion was, why people don’t like low-income housing in their neighborhood!

Gruendl has also voted to raise his own salary as councilor, he’s voted to lay-off employees and make them pay more of their own packages but he still receives salary and benefits as council, paying only 2 percent of his $9,000/year salary toward his $21,000+ health insurance package.  He also receives health insurance from Glenn County and from Chico State where he is a part time teacher.  All this free health care, two extra salaries, in addition to his $100,000+ salary from Glenn County.

What a pig. He’s got himself so overextended he thinks it’s okay to drive 102 mph down a public freeway, endangering lives and making a mockery of the public trust.

You can see it on the Superior Court index, here, just type in “Gruendl, Scott”:

He was only fined $859? A friend of ours kid was fined over $400 for a bicycle infraction. I’ll never forget the story Gruendl told on “Chico Left” – ah, remember Tim Boozekay?   It was the first week of school, and the cops were out in force giving tickets for anything. Gruendl had been stopped, admittedly jaywalking, by a gal from Chico PD – he said he told her, “you don’t know who I am…” and walked away. He bragged about that.

I’ll say it – if you reelect this ghoul, you deserve what you get. He’s driven our city into the dirt for his own financial gain. Ask anybody in Hamilton City what they think of him – Ham City opted out of Glenn County mosquito district, cause they said Butte County mosquito district gave them a better deal. A few years ago, Gruendl tried to force Ham City back into the Glenn County district, admittedly just for the revenues. He thinks it’s okay to loot the public  coffers for his own gain, he’s an unbelievable pig.

A vote for Gruendl, is a vote for bankruptcy. Furthermore, it’s a vote for corruption, greed, and embezzlement. It’s a travesty of the public trust.  




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