Q & A for your district rep: What is CTO?

Thanks Jim, for sending me that piece from Cal Matters about the “pension spiking” case that went before the California Supreme Court. https://calmatters.org/economy/california-pension-crisis/2020/07/court-spiking-pension-protections/?utm_source=CalMatters+Newsletters&utm_campaign=eec887cb04-WHATMATTERS_NEWSLETTER&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_faa7be558d-eec887cb04-150570236&mc_cid=eec887cb04&mc_eid=69d539c9be I had heard something about the Alameda County Sheriff’s Association trying to overturn the 2013 Public Employee Pension Reform Act (PEPRA), especially the sections forbidding spiking. Here’s an example of pension spiking … Continue reading Q & A for your district rep: What is CTO?