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Here’s why Lando wants to raise your sales tax!

30 Jan
The following is available at: NOTE: This link no longer works

This is why Tom Lando wants to raise our sales tax.


Are you aware that CalPers had a big loss on the stock market several years ago, and we’re still paying for it? In addition to these pensions. Yes, this is where ALL your tax money goes now.
Wake up – when was the last time you saw anybody doing any work on the roads, how high are the weeds getting on city owned property near your house? They’ve laid off all the worker bees in favor of the suits. They’ve retired a bunch of 50 year old people, just recently, and these leeches will get paid for NOTHING for their rest of their lives, hundreds and hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars. Our city is in TROUBLE, and the talking heads can’t think of anything but how they will pay their own salaries.
No compromise on this tax – it’s just pig feed. Write to your mayor and council NOW  and tell them you’re not a pig farmer.
Name Employer Warrant Amount Annual
ALEXANDER, THOMAS E CHICO $8,947.23 $107,366.76
BAPTISTE, ANTOINE G CHICO $10,409.65 $124,915.80
BEARDSLEY, DENNIS D CHICO $8,510.23 $102,122.76
BROWN, JOHN S CHICO $17,210.38 $206,524.56
CARRILLO, JOHN A CHICO $10,398.98 $124,787.76
DAVIS, FRED CHICO $12,467.78 $149,613.36
DUNLAP, PATRICIA CHICO $10,632.10 $127,585.20
FELL, JOHN G CHICO $9,209.35 $110,512.20
FRANK, DAVID R CHICO $14,830.05 $177,960.60
GARRISON, FRANK W CHICO $8,933.56 $107,202.72
JACK, JAMES F CHICO $9,095.09 $109,141.08
KOCH, ROBERT E CHICO $9,983.23 $119,798.76
LANDO, THOMAS J CHICO $11,236.48 $134,837.76
MCENESPY, BARBARA L CHICO $12,573.40 $150,880.80
PIERCE, CYNTHIA CHICO $9,390.30 $112,683.60
ROSS, EARNEST C CHICO $9,496.60 $113,959.20
SCHOLAR, GARY P CHICO $8,755.69 $105,068.28
SELLERS, CLIFFORD R CHICO $9,511.11 $114,133.32
VONDERHAAR, JOHN F CHICO $8,488.07 $101,856.84
VORIS, TIMOTHY M CHICO $8,433.90 $101,206.80
WEBER, MICHAEL C CHICO $11,321.93 $135,863.16