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I may have to apologize to local GOP – but probably not

22 Mar

Well, whattya know! There are signature gatherers at Safeway on Mangrove, and they are carrying the gas tax petition – along with a pile of other petitions I had no interest in signing.

I’ve walked past these people a couple of times, but because they have a big sign up for another petition I had no interest in hearing about,  I just ignored them. It looks like that’s all their collecting signatures for. They aren’t very professional either. I’ve met professionals before – these gals were hired out of the EDD, just to make a few bucks. I’d prefer to get somebody who knows something about the process, when we finally talked to the gals at Safeway they were clueless – one of them had her toddler in tow.

But who paid them? That’s my next question. When I contacted Jim Nielsen’s office, I got a call back from a really snotty guy who didn’t identify himself, referred to Carl Demaio as “somebody from San Diego” and said I’d been given “misinformation.”  He assured me that Nielsen was supporting this effort “with his personal resources” – but he didn’t say a word about the signature gatherers at Safeway, so I’m going to assume he knows nothing about them and they were paid for by Demaio and the folks at Reform California.

“somebody from San Diego”? That’s the kind of smack talk that’s going on within the Republican party, that’s why they can’t get anything done.

I also got a call from Larry Wahl, who said he’d seen signature gatherers at Safeway too – but he sure seemed surprised. I e-mailed him back and asked him who paid for them.  He also referred my e-mail to some guy at the Butte County GOP – Saulo Londono. Londono also runs Nielsen’s office, so I’m guessing he’s the mystery man who called me in response to my e-mail to Nielsen.  Great! Nice people running the GOP these days!

So, you know, I can admit it when I’m wrong – if the local GOP has paid for those local signature gatherers, well, my apologies. But I don’t think they did. I don’t think they even knew they were there until they went out for groceries.  We’ll see if I get any answers out of this Londono guy. 



Our local GOP are not working hard enough to overturn the gas tax – just posturing for re-election?

21 Mar

I’ve been trying to follow the progress of the Reform California gas tax repeal petition. I’ve received updates from Carl Demaio’s office – they are asking for donations to pay signature gatherers to continue collecting signatures until their new deadline of April 23. The additional signatures are needed because Governor Brown has demanded a full count of the petition – this could delay the filing and they’d miss the November election.  If they submit 10 percent MORE than LEGALLY REQUIRED, they are confident they can qualify in 30 days with a random sample. 

I know, there’s a screwing around every corner of government business, but rules are rules.

I don’t have money to donate, but I’d like to encourage you to print out another sheet and try to get a couple more signatures yourself, send them in.

I am usually leery of big campaigns, I wasn’t eager to download something from a website and send it in the mail.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe local GOP are sincere in their support of this effort. When I heard about their rallies at Sinclair’s gas station in Chico, I tried to contact Senator Jim Nielsen and Congressman Doug Lamalfa about opportunities to sign locally, but received no response from either. So, in early February, I e-mailed the Reform California campaign to ask if any of our local GOP were collecting signatures. Demaio himself answered me back:

“We don’t have any locations in Butte County to sign, we tried reaching out to the Butte County GOP but they never returned our requests.”

I e-mailed Nielsen, Lamalfa and Butte County Dist. 2 supervisor Larry Wahl – all of whom showed up at Sinclair’s – telling them what Demaio said, and asking if it’s true. I told Nielsen and Lamalfa I won’t vote for them if they don’t do more to help with the petition. I’m not in Wahl’s district, but I told him I’d like to have something to run with in supporting him – I’d rather have Satan himself than Wahl’s opponent, the salary seeking Debra Lucero. 

So, print out some petitions, try to get your registered voting friends to sign – and remember, if they are from different counties they need to fill out separate petitions. And, take a minute to write/call  these three posturing ninnies, tell them they need to get their asses out there and get more signatures.

Doug Lamalfa

Jim Nielsen

Larry Wahl