LA Daily News, OC Register – “blame the state for high gas prices”

1 Nov

I think Gavin Newsome’s angst over gas prices in California is FAKE. He knows California residents are really angry over gas prices, and how they raise the prices of EVERYTHING, and he’s trying to pass the booger onto the gas companies. 

The NO on PROP 6 voters have themselves to blame, they let themselves be duped – but I’ll also blame the Attorney General for the misleading ballot language, and then allowing the state to spend money spreading the lies. All voters had to do was read the language on the ballot, and ask questions,  but they were lazy? Stupid? Not sure. Let’s not make that mistake with the upcoming election.

Blame the state for our high gas prices

Here’s a similar piece from last April, Orange County Register.

‘Mystery surcharge’ and gas taxes boost California gasoline prices by about $1.26 per gallon

2 Responses to “LA Daily News, OC Register – “blame the state for high gas prices””

  1. Jim November 1, 2019 at 7:27 am #

    There is a persistent rumor of gas price fixing around Chico. Which is the reason it costs more to fill up in Chico than Yuba City. Been going on for years.

  2. bob November 1, 2019 at 12:48 pm #

    My understanding is the local sales tax is applied to gasoline and diesel. So if they get their one percent sales tax increase at $4 a gallon you’re going to get a 4 cent tax increase on each gallon of gasoline you have to buy.

    All the people bitching about the high price of gas in this little city ought to be bitching about the sales tax increase the local politicians and bureaucrats are trying to con the public into passing.

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