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SCOTUS appointments are like a dead fish left under the back seat – we need term limits on Supreme Court justices

13 Oct

I thought I should tune in to the senate hearings on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. As you get older, it’s good to challenge yourself with something beyond America’s Test Kitchen. This political stuff really makes me think.

What I think this time is, we need to get rid of the Supreme Court. Or at least give it a major overhaul.

The first problem that should seem obvious with all the stuff we’ve been hearing in this conversation is that a president with good luck can pack the court. So much for a non-partisan court.

And then those appointments can last forever, affecting generations. Like Emperor Palpatine. At least presidents get termed out. But SCOTUS appointments are like a dead fish left under the back seat of our collective car – the smell of these decisions may haunt us for the rest of our lives! We can’t get rid of these people once they get in there, look at Ginsberg. She reminds me of a really funny episode of “Tales from the Darkside” – “A Case of the Stubborns”. Pelosi and Feinstein too, watch it sometime.

SCOTUS also has too much power, especially for an unelected body. These people don’t represent us, they represent the major political parties. If you don’t believe me, watch the hearings for a half hour.

But eliminating the federal judicial branch of government is about as likely as the elimination of the Electoral College.

How would I fix it? For one thing, I’d establish term limits for these people. No more clinging to power with your cold, dead hand. I think that would lead to the appointments being more spread out, so no one president/senate/party could determine history for the next 30 or 40 years.

That said, I’ll add that probably the worst part is watching what amounts to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with every appointment. I just suffered through Amy Klobuchar – this woman wanted to be president! She was completely unprofessional, accusing Barrett of being a partisan puppet, without any basis in fact. And I thought Barrett handled Klobuchar very well, keeping her tone very even and her words on point, as Klobuchar’s voice rose to a hysterical rasp, and she struggled to re-word her questions to get the answer she wanted. I kept waiting for somebody to stuff Klobuchar in the tea pot but had to turn it off to take down the washing.

The Democrats are desperate, it’s almost frightening. Yes, I expect voter fraud. I already see and hear irrational behavior here in town. This week, some Democrat volunteers came down my driveway, 90 feet off the street, to leave a really disturbing flyer on my tenant’s door step. My tenants had thrown it in the trash, but described it to me. I saw it on this post at Chico First:

What disturbed me most about the flyer was that they had included a picture of a private home here in town, with an arrow pointing to the house, captioned, “Satan-worshipping pedophiles…”

Anyone with a good knowledge of Chico could identify that house. This seems like a case of defamation to me, but I’m not a lawyer. It also seems as though they’re trying to encourage people to do bad things to these people. Whether or not it’s legal, civilly or personally, I find it really cheap, dirty, and low.

That’s nothing new for Chico Democrats, who have paid FPPC fines in many local elections for illegal mailers. If you don’t believe me, go to the Butte County Superior Court case index and type in “Meagher, Kelly”, “Guzzetti, Dave,” and “Worley, Michael”.

Don’t even get me started on the illegal signs, I give up there. I contacted two candidates who posted signs illegally at Bruce and 32. One school board candidate told me she got permission from Cal TRANS, which is a lie, and the other woman, the head of a local PAC, just thanked me for my “input.” All over town signs flap in the public right-of-way, looking like garbage, but both sides are guilty here, so why bring it up?

One final note, slightly related – yesterday I saw two stories on the news that should have been linked, but weren’t. The first story was about ruined ballots – “a handful” of voters in Sacramento County brought in ballots that had been washed with hand sanitizer. The Sacramento Voter Registrar was very adamant – the virus can’t be spread that way, she said.

“Voters do not need to be wary of covid-19 exposure on their ballot paper or any of the contents inside their mailed envelope,” said Haynes. “Not only is the risk of exposure on a paper surface low, the ballot paper inside your mailer has been untouched for at least a week from the time it was stuffed, taken to USPS, and in transit to your mailbox.”

Just hours later, another story – a study shows that the COVID virus can live on a surface up to 28 days.


” A study just published in the Virology Journal found that the Covid-19 coronavirus can survive on common surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and money for up to 28 days.

This I mention because of the absurdity of this “crisis” we’ve been enduring. A bureaucrat tells us the virus can’t be transmitted on our ballots because they’ve been in the envelope for “at least a week,” while a public health institute tells us the virus can survive for 28 days on paper money?

Just saying.

Get your pension debt off my back Governor Brown! Yes on Prop 6!

2 Oct

Having seen commercials made by opponents of Prop 6 – the gas tax increase repeal – I was getting sick of the big money scare campaign. They are point blank threatening that if we repeal SB 1 we will die on the roads!  They won’t fix our roads, but will go on pilfering the taxes we pay for their salaries and benefits, and of course their gaping pension deficit. I can’t remember the figure I saw for the State’s pension deficit, but here we have a city of about 90,000 people with a deficit of over $180 million. Chico Recreation District, with less than 35 full-time employees, has racked up over $2 million.  So you can just imagine what the state is carrying, like a big tumor.

I haven’t seen any Yes on 6 commercials on our local tv stations, but the Repeal California folks sent me the following:

Watch the video

Yeah, I know, it’s actors. But it sums up my feelings about this tax increase – it hits hardest in homes that can’t afford it. 

People think I’m rich because I own rentals – one of the oldest myths around. I just got the property tax bill for my family’s home in Chico, where we also have a rental. Because my family fixed up two crappers on that property, meaning, brought them back from condemnation, replacing roofing, siding, floors and other stuff that is not exactly a luxury, our tax bill was jacked up by about $3,000 a year. The county assessor waited two years for a new subdivision down the street to build out, and then he used those $500,000 plus houses as comps for my house instead of using the much more comparable houses right next door.

So we’re screwed. Every year my family scrambles to come up with $6,000 in taxes, for one property. A 70 year old farmhouse and a granny unit over the garage. $6,000/year. Every school bond feels like a knife in the back. And then there’s really stupid stuff like a mosquito district assessment – when was the last time you saw any notice of BCMVCD spraying in Chico? 

So the actors in that commercial are speaking for me. Every time I have to buy a can of gas to mow lawns I pay that fucking extra tax. My kids both work minimum wage jobs that require a car, so they are screwed to. Look at the young people around you, just trying to make it out there, and imagine that yoke on their back. 

Which, by the way, was hung on us by the legislature after Jerry The Moonbeam Brown told us he would not pass any more taxes without voter approval.


Is City of Chico using taxpayer funds to promote gas tax?

28 Jul

Where have I been? Writing a letter to the editor about the gas tax repeal, Proposition 6.

Supporters of Prop 6, the gas and registration tax repeal,  charge the State of California with improper use of taxpayer  funds to fight the  measure. Signs costing as much as $1000 each are posted at road work sites, touting funding from the gas tax – SB  1.

Under California Government code, officials cannot spend taxpayer money  “..to support or oppose the approval or rejection of a ballot measure”. Yet, on the taxpayer funded city of Chico website, the Annual Road and Rehab report proclaims, “Rehabilitation of Cohasset Road is the City’s first major roadway maintenance project funded with State allocated Senate Bill 1 (SB1)…The community’s gas tax and franchise fee dollars are at work to fix Chico’s local streets and roads.”

The job will also take funds from the garbage tax.

Over $1.5 million for a scrape and patch of one road. How does the street in front of your house look?

The city of Chico is using tax dollars that should go into fixing our neighborhood streets to promote more taxes – using your money to stick you for more.  Are you happy paying more to register and gas your car while driving over potholes that void the warranty on your tires?

Are you happy that while your street goes unmaintained, city management continues to receive salaries in excess of $200,000/year, while paying less than 10 percent of their pension?

Vote yes on Prop 6, repeal SB 1, the gas tax.

The Reform California people and their lawyers have called out the state on improper and illegal use of funds, and that effort is a strain on their  funding. Meanwhile, Governor Jerry Brown, using his influence as a public official,  has raised over $15 million for ads against Prop 6. If you have a few bucks to spare you can help Reform California with a contribution.  I can’t give you the link because of WordPress rules, but you can find it at the Reform California website. 

Better yet, write your own letter to the editor. How much has the gas tax added to your cost of living – not just gas and registration for your car, but groceries, all your retail items, including the shipping charges for your online purchases. Look over your bills – your utilities have gone up too. The squeeze in on, and it’s all about the CalPERS deficit. 

Like Ralph Nader said, turn on to politics, before politics turn on you.