All it takes is four simpletons to put a tax increase measure on the ballot

7 Feb

Well, I got an email back from city clerk Debbie Presson, in response to my question about placing measures on the city ballot.

It only takes a simple majority to place this thing on the ballot – that’s four council members of the seven. Yep, they can just put in on a ballot, call for an election if necessary, and leave us all holding the bag for the cost, whether we wanted an election or not.

I’ll remind everybody how Ann Schwab pitched a piggy squeal (a la Ned Beatty) about having to hold an election for Measure A – even after the Measure A proponents gathered over 8,000 signatures, and I do believe that’s a thousand or so more than needed to qualify.

But Little Tommy, well, he’s going to try to go around to the kitchen stoop, and get his mommy to pull some strings for him.

I can’t help but think of another nursery rhyme: Tom, Tom the Piper’s son, he stole a pig and away he run! The pig was eaten, and Tommy was beaten, and he went wailing down the street…

This time, we can’t let him get away with the pig, dang it!

So write those letters. Write to Jim Walker and tell him Thanks,  you agree with him – there needs to be a petition drive. Write to Mary Flynn and Scott Gruendl, and tell them you are counting on them to demand that Lando show support in the community for this measure before we spend the money on an election – remind them they personally demanded that the Measure A proponents did just that. Write to Ann Schwab and tell her if she supports this tax measure by placing it on the ballot without a petition you will not support her in November.

yes, Juanita’s rude. You don’t have to be rude, but be firm.

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