Chico Taxpayer’s Association meeting, this Sunday, 3/4, 11:30 am, Chico library

27 Feb

I hope we can get a few people to join us at the library this Sunday at 11:30  to discuss the latest news on local tax increases, including Tom Lando’s proposal to raise local sales tax.

I’ll try to bring along a little video I made of my conversation with our Mayor Ann Schwab, regarding the proposed sales tax increase. She was at the library this weekend, putting her campaign into full gear.

Please write those letters to council asking them to agendize a discussion regarding how a sales tax increase gets on the local ballot. Will the council shove it on there with a “super majority” (5-2) ? Or will they require Lando and Associates to gather 10 percent of the registered voters’ signatures, as was the case with Measure A?

There are other questions, such as, who will pay for the $taff time that goes into writing the measure? Our city attorney’s time is paid out at about $126/ hour, and that does not include her $taff, or her benefits/pension.

The best way to avoid problems is to be proactive. Write early, and write often. Don’t ramble, stick to the point – tell them you won’t support a sales tax increase, and demand that Lando be made to bring in the petitions.

And, I hate to say this, but if you’re nice about it, there’s more of a chance they’ll finish reading your letter. Elected officials aren’t bound to take abuse, if you start out lobbing shit your letter is going to get round-filed.  Try to keep it short and, hmmm, if not sweet, then not dripping with  acid either.

I think you will be surprised how well this tactic works, if we apply it in force. Please join us in making it clear that Chico will not support an increase in sales tax.

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