Taxpayer News

30 Apr

Hey all you taxpayers, hope you have recovered from paying your property taxes. That which does not kill you, yadda, yadda.  

Here are a couple of news items that might be of interest to any hardworking person who feels they are taxed enough already:

Tomorrow night,  May 1,  I hope some folks will come to the regular City Council meeting  to protest the “telecommunications tax” being pushed onto the November ballot by your reliable and rapacious city $taff.  $taff wants to reinstitute a Utility Tax on your phone bill, but they need two-thirds approval from the voters. I hope you will come down tomorrow night for a reading of the ordinance they intend to place on the ballot, and take a walk up to the public podium to voice your absolute disgust with this obvious g-snatch.

Gosh, in my Pollyanna mind, I fantasize about a council who would say, “Oh, really? You feel that strongly, hmmm – okay, screw this tax,  Power to the People!” Let’s try it and see! 

Next Sunday,  May 6,  Chico Taxpayers Association meeting at the Chico library – 11:30 am.  We’ll be discussing the latest news regarding not only the Utility Tax but the booze tax and the efforts to raise the local sales tax.  The booze and sales tax increase may not make this November ballot, but I don’t think these effort will be completely abandoned. 

Maybe we should talk about a letter writing effort in regards to the telecommunications tax, both to council members and to the Enterprise Record.  Hope to see you there! 


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