City mangler Dave Burkland recommends tax increase for city – he lives in the county!

9 May

I find it interesting how many city employees live outside the city limits. 

Your mayor owns a fine place up above the Forest Ranch Store, staring down at the little smog ball hovering over Chico. Your city manager lives halfway to Dayton in the unincorporated area surrounding Chico. How these people find the nerve to tell us actual Chicoans how to live is beyond me, but you can read Dave Burkland’s recommendation to raise our phone tax here, under the report for Item 4.1:

“I concur with the City Attorney’s recommendation,” he says. Furthermore, he reports, “If Council takes no action, the City stands to lose a significant portion of it’s general use revenue.” 

It’s easy for Burkland to talk – Dave lives well outside the city of Chico. This TAX is for those of us unfortunates who, either by choice, or in my case, ANNEXATION,  live within the confines of the city, where we are seen as a little herd of cash cows to be milked at will by our oppressors. 

Time for a little Animal Farm? Yep, I believe it is high time we stood on our hind legs and threw these people off. 

Of course, our boy Dave, rat that he is, has already made his jump from our floundering shipwreck in the making. Retiring this coming August at 60, BURKLAND WILL BE GETTING 70 percent of his $180,500 a year salary – over $126,000 A YEAR  – with  cost of living increases and medical benefits – for DOING NOTHING but picking up a check, for THE REST OF HIS LIFE

Damn, he looks pretty fit too! We won’t be rid of that leech for some years. 

At our Taxpayers’ Association meeting the other day, one  participant opined that Burkland and other staffers are supporting these local tax increases to feather their own nests, to pay for their pensions. Another person present tried to say that these pensions are “paid by PERS”.

Well, wake up and smell the coffee.  Read the papers lately? Like for the past two years? PERS gambled all their funds on the stock market. They lost their asses. Well, actually, they lost our asses. 

Go ahead. Google “pension time bomb” or “California on the hook for unfunded pensions” – you’ll find all kinds of articles dating from the present all the way back to 2010, telling us, we can’t afford these crazy pensions, built on crazy salaries, bloated with overtime, and then gambled on the stock market. 

As the Wall Street Journal says, in an article from April 2010, “Calpers and Calstrs are decrying the Stanford study because it has revealed exactly who is on the hook for all of this unfunded obligation—California’s taxpayers.”

Yeah, we pay for Dave’s pension and benies, and that’s exactly what he’s out to protect. And we pay them out of our General Fund. And like Dave says in his recommendation to stick us with a expanded tax on our cell phones – “The primary purpose of amending the telephone users’ tax is to protect existing revenue for the General Fund.” 



2 Responses to “City mangler Dave Burkland recommends tax increase for city – he lives in the county!”

  1. Joseph May 9, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    I wonder if the idiots at the News and Review, like Robert Speered and Tom Gascoin, will ever wake up and smell the coffee regarding these pensions.

    They are supposedly all for the down trodden and want social “services” up the wazoo, yet they can’t see that pensions and benefits for our “servants” devour what they think should be going to the poor.

    • Juanita Sumner May 9, 2012 at 8:06 pm #

      I have to agree.

      I think these salaries create poverty because they come at the expense of a bigger workforce, a few big salaries instead of MORE employed people. Instead of cutting the outrageous salaries and benefits packages of the management force, they cut jobs, create more unemployed.

      This is a nice world for those remaining in public employment, and also for those on these humongous pensions. They get a big guaranteed paycheck, and all around them, unemployed and under-employed people who are willing to clean their houses and care for their kids, do their yard work, their laundry, etc, for a pittance, under the table, anything to get by.

      Today the Editor of the Enterprise Record questioned CSU Trustee Bob Linschied’s assertion that these big salaries bring “better quality candidates” to public employment. I think they attract exactly the opposite – greedy, conniving losers who couldn’t make it in the private sector. Look at Tom Lando – he’s never left the trough, his consulting company couldn’t make it without public contracts, and neither could his friend Jim Stevens’ North Star Engineering. They don’t care about the taxpayers any more than a shoat can see beyond the trough.

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