Too late to vote by mail – take your ballots to Oroville, or to any polling place on Election Day

30 May


This Saturday, June 2,  the election office at 25 County Center Drive in Oroville, Suite 110, will be open to the public for voting from 8am to 5pm.

It is too late to mail your ballot securely, so be sure to turn it in at the election office this Saturday, or during business hours Monday or Tuesday. You can also take your ballot to ANY polling place on Tuesday by 8pm.

Can you believe it – Election Day is on us already.  I sent my mail-in ballot about a week ago, having hem-hawed around about a couple of items. Including, which candidate stands a rat’s patoot of a chance at beating Dianne Feinstein.  Sheesh – maybe we should just throw a bucket of water on her and see what happens! Although, we have to get by those flying monkeys…

I voted for Ron Paul for Prez. No, I have no illusions about Paul actually being elected, I got any notions of real Democracy  throttled out of me about six months ago.  But,  Romney wouldn’t say he’d repeal Obamacare, and that was the single most important issue to me in this election. I couldn’t vote for Obama, he SUCH an ASS!  So,  I simply stepped out of his way – four more years of Obama, and people will be running after Rand Paul like he was driving an ice cream truck. Gosh sakes, maybe even an Impeachment!  There’s more than one way to get your piggy over that stile, Bessie May.

Although I talked to some nice candidates for these positions, I stuck with Logue and Lamalfa. I just trust those guys, sorry about that. Logue is a straight talker, and LaMalfa has the Northern California mindset. Locally, voting is a gut thing. I like to vote for guys with big guts, shoot me. 

And then there were the measures. I’m not going to talk about the measures. Nobody is going to be happy with the results of those measures, and there’s nothing to be gained by fighting about it.

I’m sorry if none of my opinions are of help to you. I am not here to tell people how to vote. But, I would like to remind you TO VOTE, at all. Get those ballots turned in, Baby!  








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