Yes we can and should rewrite current contracts to rein in pensions

15 Jun

I’ve heard a lot of lame talk lately –  our local newspaper editors, local politicians and wannabes saying we can’t correct the insane contracts that were made behind our backs with our public employees, state and local.

Well, they lie.  The voters of San Jose and San Diego just voted to cut pensions of their retired workers.

All the contracts are up this year – they’re discussing the “public safety” contracts right now. They’ve agreed to change the way they calculate overtime,  to the benefit of Chico PD and Fire, not the taxpayers.

Before you DARE to use the word “renege,” let me remind you, these contracts were written behind closed  doors, before the city introduced the current “sunshine” clause that forces them to show the contracts to us, the public, before they agree to them. Read that again – they just have to show them to us, we don’t get any choice. We can write them letters til we’re blue in the face – Jim Walker and Andy Holcombe have both admitted at least umpteem million times that they give the public an audience and then vote however they were going to vote in the first place. Mary Goloff says if you want to be in on the contract discussions, you can just get yourself elected to city council. Those were almost her exact words to me at a meeting one night.

Around 2003, the sitting council signed a contract that tied city employees pay to INCREASES IN REVENUE BUT NOT DECREASES. We the taxpayers were not even shown that agreement, and by the time we found out about it, Jennifer Hennessy had already struck up the Titanic band for her rendition of “We’re sinking but I still get a $14,000 raise…”

I never made these promises, I never even saw them, but I am expected to foot the bill.


The contracts need to be rewritten. They need to CUT STRUCTURED OVERTIME FROM THE COPS AND FIRE. They need to make ALL EMPLOYEES PAY 90 PERCENT OF THEIR PENSION AND BENEFITS, with a larger city portion for those who choose to be loyal and stay more than 10 years. They need to show us the contracts, we need to have some of those “workshops.” We need to get our financial house in order around these EMBEZZLERS. 

We the taxpayers need to write letters and DEMAND THIS. Schwab and Evans want to get re-elected. Tell them you won’t pay more taxes to foist these contracts. The police contracts are available for viewing right now – they are saying they are cutting costs, but their contract shows a definite pay raise.

Wake up people, these leeches are sucking off the public tit, and it’s time to do like the momma pig – GET UP AND MAKE A RUN FOR IT, THOSE WHO DON’T LET GO GET TRAMPLED.

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