Marysville council rejects sales tax ploy by retiring city administrator – where’s Chico’s knight in shining armor?

11 Jul

I am not a member of the Chico Chamber of Commerce, but I check in to their website regularly to see what they’re up to.  Sometimes I believe, they are the real Chico City Council. While our elected leaders frolic and cavort in  their stupid committee meetings, the Chamber is working on a “Top 10 Economic Development Action List”. 

Yeah, sounds great, until you consider, one of their “Top 10” is a proposal to raise the local sales tax.

One prominent member of the Chamber who might be able to fill us in on the discussion is Bob Evans. I’ve asked Bob where he stands on this tax increase, but he just keeps saying he hasn’t seen a proposal yet. Lately I have asked him if he would require Lando and the other sales tax increase proponents to get the legal number of signatures on a petition before he votes to put this proposal on the ballot, but he won’t answer me. His downright refusal to discuss the tax increase is frustrating to me – I want to believe Bob is a “fiscal conservative.” After all, he had some high and mighty things to say about his opposition to the phone tax. But, he knew the phone tax didn’t need his support to get on the ballot. It’s easy to posture as the good guy when you know others will achieve the end result you really want. Evans’ resistance to making a pledge against a sales tax increase is screaming in my ear like a fire alarm. 

In Marysville, Mayor Bill Harris had no trouble making himself clear when his city mangler proposed a half-cent sales tax increase: “This will be viewed as the City Council coming to them wanting more money again.”

Well, the article mentioned, the city mangler is retiring, so I would also see it as his way of securing his f-ing pension, but nobody mentions that. 

City councilwoman Christina Billeci echoed a sentiment I’ve been hearing increasingly in Chico –  “We need to balance the budget with the revenues we have,” she said.

Other council members cited lack of support from citizens, including one councillor who claimed to have got “angry reactions” to the proposal. One council member said he might have supported the move before the June election, “But the cigarette tax was voted down, and that should have been a slam dunk,” he said. “I would see this as a waste of effort and money.”

The only council member who supported the notion, Head Start administrator Ricky Samayoa, made some pretty disparaging remarks about the town. 

“There’s a lot of people that know there’s a lack of resources here for us to have a proper city and manage it,” he said. Oooo! A “proper city”! What a bitch!  Does he have letters from constituents to support  this statement, or is he just using “a lot of people” to describe himself and his co-workers? Not enough drive through coffee stands for you Ricky? Not enough 5 Star restaurants or pink boutiques? Sorry, we’ve never been ones for putting on the Ritz here in the North State, better get in your zip car and drive back to the Bay Area. 

In the Enterprise Record story, Samoyoa further claimed that “continued cuts to maintenance and other aspects of the city’s budget hurt chances for an economic recovery.”  I imagine Marysville has the same problem Chico has – too many $100,000+ salaries and not enough $20,000 – $50,000 workers. While he’s sitting down there under the air conditioner vent at Head Start in a fresh shirt and manicure, the streets are going unmaintained, the classrooms overcrowded, the police and fire  departments underfunded – is that the problem Mr. Samayoa? 

“The way we’re continuing to go, it’s just going to be a dying city, even if the economy picks up,” he said. Now, that statement doesn’t even make sense. This is a typical example of scare tactics. “The way we’re continuing to go…” You mean, paying $100,000+ salaries to fat bureaucrats, while cutting services to the public? Somehow I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about.  ” …it’s just going to be a dying city…”  Wow, what an idiot – obviously no knowledge of local history. Marysville has been through so many booms and busts, it ought to be called “Bouncyville.” If you get to know Marysville, you see it has everything needed to be a wonderful place to live, in good times and bad, regardless of carpetbaggers like Samayoa.

“Give folks the opportunity to have this debate,” Mr. Samayoa suggests. Sounds like the rhetoric coming from Andy Holcombe and the rest of the sales tax increase proponents. Hey, that’s a swell idea! People should talk about these things, hash them out. And then, if enough of them sign a petition to put such a proposal on a legal ballot, well, they can VOTE on it! But that costs alot of money – best for those who really believe in this cockamamie idea to get the petition first, show the need to spend all that money on an election. That’s what rational people would do, anyway. 

But if you ask Holcombe to discuss the pending proposal, he denies there is any such thing.  The only member of Chico City Council who is willing to discuss this proposal at all has been Mark Sorensen – thanks Mark. At least Mark has been good enough to answer our questions about the mechanics of such a proposal and getting it onto the ballot. Evans and Holcombe have both denied knowing anything about it, although Holcombe has made it good and clear he’d support raising the sales tax and Evans has been seen at Chamber discussions on the matter. The others have been mum to the public, but I’m guessing they will support it. Holcombe, Schwab, Goloff, Walker, Gruendl – and Evans? – are all banking on more revenues to rescue the city from the Shit Creek they’ve floated us up.   Evans, while he will admit we’re in deep shit, will not offer so much as a suggestion of a paddle. He seems to be holding back until after he gets himself safely re-elected in November. Then he’s got a year to get that sales tax voted in and three years to make the public forget he had anything to do with it. 

Well Bob, is that what you’re up to?

I’ll say, if he were at least honest, I might be able to hold my nose and support him, but this game he’s playing is a real turn-off. 

8 Responses to “Marysville council rejects sales tax ploy by retiring city administrator – where’s Chico’s knight in shining armor?”

  1. Rick Clements July 11, 2012 at 6:56 am #

    The City of San Bernadino voted to declare bankruptcy last night. This is a wealthy town of over 200,000. Chico’s turn is right around the corner! Nice going Unions and Democrats, you’re little Cash for a Vote program is bankrupting cities across the nation and the State of California.

    • Juanita Sumner July 12, 2012 at 5:36 am #

      Well, good. To me, declaring bankruptcy has become a declaration of war on Jerry Brown and the liberal trough suckers.

  2. Joseph July 11, 2012 at 8:06 am #

    The Gang of 5 has gotta go!

    And Evans needs to understand that we are TAXED TOO MUCH ALREADY!

    • Juanita Sumner July 12, 2012 at 5:32 am #

      I’m hoping to get the message to Bob Evans, he needs to make his position clear on the sales tax increase proposal.

      Bob’s achievements to date include complaining alot about the budget. But, in two years, he has not come up with one solid proposal to rework city employee contracts. That leaves “revenue increase,” and that would mean, tax increase. I’m beginning to believe he will not wait six months after the election to back Lando on such a proposal. If that’s the case, he’s no better than Schwab.

      • Joseph July 12, 2012 at 6:15 am #

        If that’s the case he is a Schwab in sheep’s clothing, so to speak.

        San Berdoo just went bankrupt and they were only spending 75% of the general fund on city gummit worker compensation. Chico is up around 87% and climbing as I understand it. And Scwabby thinks that’s just fine because her gummit is a “service industry.”

        Yup, we’re gonna get serviced good and hard. Meanwhile the Gang of 5 will spend a small fortune outlawing plastic groceryy bags! This is just total idiocy.

  3. Joesph July 11, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    It would be no surprise that the Chamber of Commerce is coming out in favor of a sales tax in crease because the big TIT (Tax Increase Tommy) is charman of their board.

    This group needs to be watched carefully and the business community needs to let them know they are not for this as do Chico consumers.

    • Juanita Sumner July 12, 2012 at 5:35 am #

      It surprises me in that a chamber of commerce ought to realize what their support of this GRAB will do to their businesses. I’ve already made a habit of shopping out of town and online – including, every time I go out of the city limits for ANYTHING, I gas my car. And the online habit is here to stay – the prices are way lower, and I get it delivered, FREE, to my front gate.

      • Joseph July 12, 2012 at 6:20 am #

        How the hell does a person who has been a gummit bureaucrat all his life become chairman of the board of a chamber of commerce?

        It’s like putting a former member of the Soviet Politburo in charge of a venture capital firm.

        He claims to be a business man now but his “company” just sucks off the gummit teat and he’s back working as a bureaucrat for Biggs.

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