Who cares about 2012 – Rand Paul for President 2016!

25 Aug

Here’s a little something I just wanted to pass along:


I know, talk is cheap – it’s only worth as much as the ears that listen.  People like Ron and Rand Paul are trying to get America to DO SOMETHING – why isn’t America listening?

I have no hope for Election 2012. Romney is a RINO. A victory for this guy would be the end of the Republican Party as we know it. I don’t like everything about the Republican Party, but I don’t want to see it turn into an arm of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, he isn’t that far off Obama in his policies.  Romney doesn’t have any real plan to get us out of Iraq or Afghanistan, he can’t overturn Obamacare because he doesn’t have enough support in the legislature – to me, he’s the worst things about Obama and more.

The alternative? Another four years of Obama. You know that old saying – sometimes it’s better to go with a bad thing you know, than a bad thing you don’t know.

Not that I’m voting Obama, but I’m not voting Romney, either. I think I’ll write in Ron Paul, just to give Rand Paul a little nudge.

2 Responses to “Who cares about 2012 – Rand Paul for President 2016!”

  1. Joeseph August 25, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    Hmmm…About this here election…we got the inventor of Obammie Care running against the implementor of Obammie Care. Now what kinda choice is that?

    Just look at what the Romulan did in Taxachusettes and you realize he might as well be a DemoNRat.


    And now the Romulan is trying to sound all conservative and everyting. Hah? That’s funny.

    Romulan will say whatever he thinks he has to in order to get elected.

    But the RepubloCons can’t seem to get enough right to win this time around. Heck, who was the genius who decided to have the convention in Florida during huricane season? And I just heard they are going to skip Monday beacuse the huricane.

    But anyway, with 222 trillion in unfunded liabilities and a 16 trillion federal gummit debt with additions of an excess of a trillion every year this country is past redemption regardless of which one of these criminal clowns wins in November.

    Both of these political parties are totally corrupt to the core. It’s no wonder Ron Paul didn’t stand a chance of winning the nomination. No honest, decent person ever does.

    • Juanita Sumner August 26, 2012 at 5:11 am #

      Thanks Joseph – “DemoNRats and RepubloCons” – sounds like hostile tribes from Star Trek!

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