We’ll have to hit the ground running

26 Oct

I’ve reserved the meeting room at the Chico library for our First Sunday meeting, November 4,  9am. I hope that’s good for everybody, let me know, I can change the time.

That of course, is only days before the election, a little too late for any strategizing on Measure J.  What I’d really like to talk about is what we’ll do after the election. I got a couple of ideas I been kicking back and forth with the fence post.

Of course, I believe our first true concern is a sales tax increase. I would bet my last five dollars that whether or not Prop 30 or Measure J pass, Tom Lando will bring forward his sales tax increase measure. He will either say, Prop 30 lost and we need the money, or Prop 30 won but we can’t trust Brown to share the proceeds from 30.  He’ll say, whether it wins or loses, that Measure J was already being spent, which is true. The city has been collecting the phone tax illegally, mainly through stooges AT&T, for years, and stands to lose millions in ill-gotten gain. Sheesh – they may even be afraid we’ll sue them for those illegal takings, like the folks of the  city of Chula Vista!


I honestly believe Tom Lando fully intends to ask for a special election in Spring 2013 to put a sales tax increase measure before the voters, and we need to start thinking about a serious “organized” campaign against it.

Secondly, I heard a good idea from the city of Hemet, which recently unloaded their ex-city manager on us – Brian Nakamura. Sure, they made it look like they were being ripped off, but I say, they hoodwinked us into taking the guy. Ever read “Ransom of Red Chief”?

Yeah, those Hemetians are pretty damned smart.  Two years ago, they passed some very interesting legislation in their little town, read here –


Here are the ballotpedia pages for Measures W and X – both passed with OVER 80 PERCENT OF THE VOTE. Measure W limits terms for city elected officials, and Measure X cuts them off from city-paid  health benefits.



You will note, the Hemet Taxpayers’ Association put some money into these issues. We must decide, do we want to start raising and spending money?

I hope to see the usual suspects on November 4, at the library, 9am, along with some fresh newbies, willing to put their shoulder to the wheel to turn our city around.

2 Responses to “We’ll have to hit the ground running”

  1. Alliance for Homeowners Rights Committee January 15, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    Author: That’s Hemetites, NOT Hemetians. Second; It’s not likely that Hemet persuaded Chico to take Nakamura. Nakamura was by many accounts, quite pro-active in his job. The other council members weren’t and still aren’t – Certain to cause conflict among the doers and non-doers. Nakamura jumped a sinking ship. Our shit for brains Mayor and council spends more time shutting down groups who expose their incompetence than time cleaning up and protecting the city/citizens. I didn’t see anything in the article you referenced about “new legislation in Hemet”, the article on depicts total campaign funds acquired, which weren’t exorbitant compared to other cities. The fact that Petty and Stone financially support ‘certain’ candidates (and have for years) is more suspicious than any new legislation to increase contributions. I also didn’t see you list campaign contributions for Hemet Mayor Youseff.

    • Juanita Sumner January 15, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

      thanks for coming on over, Hemetite!

      I didn’t say Hemet “persuaded” Chico to take Nakamura, I said I thought they TRICKED us into taking him. I’m still looking into that angle.

      I’m sorry you have such SFB’s for council – don’t feel alone.

      I posted those links for information about those interesting ballot measures passed in 2010 – and to call attention to the fact, doing something like that costs money .

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