Does the city of Chico owe you money? Well go get it!

31 Jan

One of the nice things about is that you get a “stats” report every day, showing what people are reading and which links get hit on your blog. Lately, the cell phone tax refund application has been getting POUNDED!  

That makes me happy, because I don’t know what this whole Measure J fight was about if it wasn’t about getting back illegally gotten gains.  Here’s that link again:

Click to access CellPhoneRefundApplication_011713.pdf

This refund has been getting attention – there was a story on Ch 12 news the other night. But, the reporter was kind of sloppy again – this time, we heard Debbie Cobb announce that the most you can get back is $5 a month. She also said the city expects to lose $900,000, in refunds?   When the biggest refund is only about $60?  Do the math there, maybe Debbie should listen to her own reports. When I had AT&T, and we had the cheapest plan available with only two phones, we were seeing at least $5 /month taken for UT. Just imagine what these big families, with phones for each kid, were paying. And Mark Sorensen projected the average business was paying hundreds a year for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP.  But, even with these kind of refunds, there’s no way the city will pay out $900,000 – silly Debbie, that’s what  the city originally predicted they would lose annually from not having the tax.  At a Finance Committee meeting last month, Hennessy said it was really only $500,000, anyway.   I wish these “news reporters” would pay attention. They make it harder to get the truth out there when they stick their big foot in it. Sometimes I have to wonder if they do it on purpose. 

I just hope people saved their bills – this isn’t a giveaway, that’s  for sure. Hennessy acts as though she’s refunding the money out of her own checkbook. Well, she is, kind of. They’re starting to get worried about how they will make payroll down there, including her salary. Look at some of these people – they’ve been living it up on their big salaries, getting way into debt, I’m guessing. Some of them are faced with absolute ruin. I guess they’re worried!  

Well, to borrow a phrase from the playground – “‘tough titty!’ said the kitty, when the milk ran dry…”

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