Scott Gruendl calls defeat of Measure J a threat to the constitution – where did we get this guy?

6 Apr

I have to say, I did not support Toby Schindelbeck’s request for the city to make a resolution supporting the Second Amendment because I get sick and freaking tired of these resolutions and proclamations. But I have to hand it to Toby, he sure got a conversation out of it. The most interesting part for me was Scott Gruendl’s assertion that the defeat of the cell phone tax was “a threat to the constitution.” 

“but I believe there are threats to our constitution that go far beyond the second amendment.  I think they’re constant, I think they’re regular, and I think our affirmation of our oath of office is something we are confronted  with on a regular basis, and the Second Amendment is part of that, but it’s not the only part of it. One simple example  – we had a defeat of measure J that results in about  $25 in tax savings for the average public member, but for me, I have a tax rate that’s about 150 times that that’s imposed on me by the federal government because of a constitutional interpretation (his voice starts breaking here, as if he’s going to cry).  I don’t see the Chico Taxpayer’s Association standing up for my tax injustice and that’s just one example of what we’re confronted with on a regular basis…”

When I heard that on the video, I was shocked. I had to listen to it over and over to get it down, but that’s pretty much it. I punctuated the natural pauses in Scott’s voice, but I’m pretty sure I got it word for word. Let’s just take this thing apart, piece by piece, and try to make nonsense of it.

First of all, I just had a e-mail chat with Frank Fields over in the city finance office on this past Thursday. I asked him again, how many refund applications had been received as of that day, and what’s the average refund amount. Scott keeps using that $25 figure, the same figure he and Ann Schwab put in their “argument in favor” of Measure J. From Frank Fields:

“Ms. Sumner:


To date, the City has issued 157 refunds at an average of $50.81.  However, please note that six of those refunds were to business which obviously end up with larger refunds.  Excluding the six businesses, the average refund is $38.50.


Please let me know if you have further questions.



That’s an interesting point Frank makes, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to worry about how these people  ran up their phone bills – they may have a business, or they may have family in Germany, I don’t care whether they use their phone for business or pleasure or to save a life.  It doesn’t matter how they run up the bill on which their tax is based, it only matters that 157 cell phone customers have applied for and received an average refund of $50.81, not the $25 Gruendl keeps claiming. In fact, we’re talking “average” here people – those businesses were taken for a lot more than $50 a year. When my family had AT&T, for three phones, our yearly UT was about $87.

And then Gruendl goes completely off the deep end with his walk through the dog park regarding threats to the constitution. The rest of his little peeve is just, well, crazy.  He says a group of citizens working to defeat a tax measure brought forth by government officials is “a threat to the constitution”? Whose constitution is he talking about?

I have a tax rate 150 time that…”  Again, what is he talking about? 150 times…what? $25?

that’s imposed on me by the federal government because of a constitutional interpretation…”  Is he talking about the gay marriage discussion? I thought the feds were going his way the last time I heard. Is he complaining that he is not allowed to write his partner off on his taxes? I have no idea of the law there, but I know “domestic partnership” has been accepted for some time – it’s in the cop contracts, and it’s on the paper work my kids bring home from Butte College. And, he complains that the CTA has never “stood up” for his “tax injustice” – well, Scott, we’ve never been asked. I’m not even sure what your “tax injustice”  is.

Here’s my “tax injustice” – I have to pay a salary and benefits for this ass Gruendl, I buy him a $21,000 a year health insurance policy, for which he pays $156 a year.  My cousins in Glenn County pay him about $103,000 a year and also give him a health benefits and pension package, for which he pays little or nothing. And now, he stands up before the citizens of this town and complains that he pays more taxes than the rest of us? This guy is a piece of work.

Maybe what he really means is, he gets more taxes than the rest of us – the 150 times figure might actually work there!

And then there’s the injustice of being limited to three minutes, even one minute!  to state my concerns and then have to listen to this crap-mouth rattle on at will, without any response from the public.  He’s allowed to say whatever he wants!  I’m not the only one who gets sick of these little diatribes. Here’s Bob Speer, from this past Thursdays News and Review –  – ” But it’s true, as critics often charge, that some council members, including Goloff, don’t always apply standards of brevity to themselves. They should take lessons from Councilmen Mark Sorensen and Sean Morgan, who quickly say their pieces and shut up. It’s a sign of respect, and those of us in the audience appreciate it.

I’ll say further, they don’t stay on topic, they use the podium to abuse members of the public who don’t agree with their agenda,  and they spread misinformation, all of which I’d say about Scott’s little rant.

And here’s the creepiest thing about that meeting Tuesday night: Gruendl and Goloff requested and got a list of the folks who spoke on the Second Amendment resolution request. Why would they need that?


Today, at the First Sunday meeting, we were talking about the rules for council discussions. During this past Tuesday’s city council meeting, we found that the mayor is allowed to re-open the public hearing. When this was suggested by Sean Morgan during the eminent domain discussion, there was a moment of confusion. Mary Goloff said she was not able to reopen the public hearing, but Lori Barker interrupted that it certainly was allowed. That’s something to remember in future. 

Also, there was mention of a rule that limited the council members to three minutes – this I will have to check into, but it would certainly be worth it. 

4 Responses to “Scott Gruendl calls defeat of Measure J a threat to the constitution – where did we get this guy?”

  1. Rick Clements April 6, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    First of all Scott, the cell tax was illegal to collect….period. The smart little Liberal council members decided in closed chambers to proceed and collect the cell phone tax anyway, and worry about breaking the law, or ripping off the taxpayers later. Dumb ol’ taxpayers, what they don’t know won’t hurt them!! Scott seems to think his net personal earnings worth is far above and beyond more than what the average private sector worker should earn…after all..he’s a public sector worker. After all he has to deal with the public. Of course we all know that the private sector worker never has to work with the public now do we? Dumb ol’ taxpayers!! He, like all his other Liberal council members know how to con, bribe and lie to the public via the Communist News and Review to win an election so he and his other Libtards can feed off the taxpayer cash register and spend it like there’s no tomorrow.

    The liberal Associated Press is now demanding from other liberals that the words “illegal alien” should not be used in a public forum discussion anymore. It’s degrading to our South of the Border friends. Well the Press is right, they should instead be properly called “undocumented Democrats” according to Jay Leno during the Tonight show monologue.

    Bottom line Scott, you’re in love with yourself and that’s OK, how about just keeping it to yourself. Quit blaming the citizens you were ripping off and start taking responsibility to repair your integrity. When you start treating your adversary’s in the same manner you treat and respect yourself, you will find the people will finally believe you to be an honest man.

    • Juanita Sumner April 6, 2013 at 3:28 pm #

      Geez I gotta start staying up to watch Leno – “undocumented Democrats” – that’s a good one!

  2. Juanita Sumner April 8, 2013 at 6:52 am #

    I just had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who spends a lot of time with Scott as part of her job, and she agreed with me – Scott just hates heterosexuals, he blames us for all his problems. He’s a hetero-phobe.

    Like me, she has also seen him in a temper tantrum or two.

    Another friend of mine predicted he will not run for another term. I think three is a little over-much, myself, four is really stretching it. He needs to get his big ass out of there and let somebody else have a shot at it.

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