Denial, Anger – is this Bargaining?

15 Jun

I noticed people are reading an almost year-old old post, “Mary Goloff and Jim Walker gang jump Mark Sorensen on the dias”, and I gave it a read myself. How funny – Mark Sorensen trying, very gently I thought, to tell the rest of the nit-wits on council how he thought we’d overspent on salaries for various  programs and over-priced land for  housing projects, and Mary Goloff coming at him like a bull at a toreador.  Jim Walker was nasty too, showing his true personality – catty, insulting, trash talking.  They took turns sparring at Sorensen, pelting him with questions only to interrupt him as soon as he started giving an intelligent answer. It was like a junior high gang jump – “hey Bitch, whatchoo doin’ hangin’ round Jimmee? Whatchoo mean, you don’t like Jimmee? What the helz wrong with Jimmee you stuck up Bitch?!”

But now, look at Mary Goloff – she’s stepping and fetching to show us how fiscally responsible she is. See her playing all hard-ass with the Chico Certified Farmer’s Market, kicking them out of their almost-free location on Second Street and moving them to Downtown Plaza, where they will pay more for one day than they currently pay for a year at the parking lot on Second Street.   And, in the same agenda, renting Bidwell Park out to a for-profit outfit for an obstacle course foot race that is supposed to attract some 950 or more people to the neighborhoods along Lower Bidwell Park. 

What next – I’m afraid to say anything, even tongue in cheek. But I won’t forget how she kicked and screamed to throw the conversation off the tracks every time it got down to brass tacks. She denied we had any financial problems, getting angry whenever somebody tried to broach the subject of  trimming some fat.  

Now she’s the first one in line with a plate when it comes to BBQ’ing sacred cows like the Saturday Market and Bidwell Park. 

We need to come up with something better for 2014.

FROM JULY 3 2012 – “Mary Goloff and Jim Walker gang jump Mark Sorensen on the dais…”

I’m sitting here in disbelief of the attack I just watched Mary Goloff and Jim Walker wage on Mark Sorensen at city council tonight. I couldn’t make the meeting, so I have been watching it via computer. 

Sorensen had been challenged by a smarmy Jim Walker to list what changes he would make to balance the budget. Sorensen carefully began to explain that city funds had been depleted by millions over the last few years, with escalating costs leaving revenues in the dirt. He also explained that the lion’s share of our expenses are “operating costs,” meaning, salaries. He also carefully explained that there were programs we simply could not afford anymore, meaning, salaries. 

Mary Goloff could be heard heckling him off microphone. If you or I did what she was doing we’d be asked to leave the room, possibly with police escort. But Mayor Schwab just sat there looking at Goloff, saying nothing.  Goloff  finally got on mike, interrupted Sorensen, and asked him to be specific. So, Sorensen offered housing, saying it had been a mistake to undertake so many housing projects, and he also specified the arts programs – such as the requirement that any capital project include one percent of the total cost of that project be added for art. 

At this point Goloff began to interrupt Sorensen. She started heckling him about how “we all agree” that the arts are important, yadda, yadda. She just kept at Sorensen, not allowing him to answer any of her out-there questions, until Sorensen asked her to stop interrupting him. 

After a quick exchange Walker butted in to attack Sorensen. Out of nowhere, Walker bashed Sorensen about wanting to spend more money on the police department, asking Sorensen where he would get the money to hire more police. This question was off base, Sorensen hadn’t even gotten that far before Goloff had completely derailed him.

 Jim  Walker is just sitting out his time, he seems to be enjoying himself at all of our expense. He, like so many “public servants,” seems to think he is elected to do what he wants, what seems like “the right thing” in his fairy tale mind,  instead of carry out the law. 

Mary Goloff seems to think she has been anointed Queen in some farcical aquatic ceremony to lead us all in the light of her cough syrup-induced wisdom.  She seems to love the sound of her own voice, while here at my house, it sets off the hounds for blocks. 

My computer started failing at this point, and I was unable to watch the rest of the meeting. I am going on vacation tomorrow, I’ll see you folks on the flip flop.  

3 Responses to “Denial, Anger – is this Bargaining?”

  1. Mark Sorensen June 16, 2013 at 6:36 am #

    Yes, that was fun (or not). It is exceedingly difficult to have a discussion with severely under informed folks.

    It is interesting to watch last year’s budget approval….Fast Forward to time index 6:19 ….

    And that was 8 months after sending a 22 page letter to the Grand Jury outlining very detailed “concerns”. The next stop was going to be the State Controller’s Office, until it appeared that we were hiring an outside person for City Manager who could begin the clean-up process.

    I think that the Grand Jury report will be an interesting read this year. And probably even more interesting to read next year.

    One piece of good news is that the current day intervention and sharp change in direction, while late, painful and still evolving (and will be for a long time), averted a far bigger disaster if the city had stayed on the old (wrong) track much longer……..

    • Juanita Sumner June 16, 2013 at 7:10 am #

      when I opened that link the first thing I saw was this:

      Councilmember Goloff stated that “I feel like it is important for the public to understand that the projections that the Finance office reports to the Council aren’t projections that you make in a bubble or a vacuum. Finance is accessing the best information and resources in the state to guide you and not only are you accessing them this year, but you have been accessing them over the course of the previous five years as we have steered ourselves through the recession and through these challenges. It is interesting that the data can serve us as well as it has served us. It has been pretty accurate. We have exercised control and we’ve used that data too and we have lived within the parameters or indicators that have been given to us. And that’s why we are in the good of shape that we are in. Are we in great shape? No. But if you pick up a metropolitan newspaper in the State of California, or you pick up a national newspaper, the things that we are facing here in Chico are certainly not unique to Chico. This is what our country is facing.”

      Thanks Mark. I hope you can make it for our meeting with Brian Nakamura on July 7, 9am, library.

  2. Juanita Sumner June 18, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    Mark, I can’t get that link to work.

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