City of Chico is one of top five employers – only one private company in the top five

26 Jun

Today there’s an Economic Development Committee meeting Downtown, and one item on the agenda is, having less of these meetings.

This item caught my attention because, I know, I’ve complained about going to these meetings. The Sustainability Task Force was ridiculous. A bunch of people sitting around with a fully paid and benefitted staffer, making up problems to solve, the solutions of which caused more problems than they supposedly solved. 

But, I always considered the Finance, Internal Affairs, and Economic Development committees to be working committees that took up issues for more study, to be reported back to council at a later date. Most important to me, these committee meetings offer the opportunity for citizens to actually participate, instead of those stoooopid council meetings where you listen to the talking heads drivel on for hours kissing their own asses while  the Queen of Hearts can cut you off with however many seconds she allows and treat you like warmed over poop in a Dixie cup.

Scuse me, THAT was a run-on sentence. Sometimes I just get so excited.

So, I’m objecting to this plan, offered up by Brian Nakamura with assurance of saving money. Oh yeah, right – two hours a month of $taff time, that was what was putting us over the edge into bankruptcy! These people are like over-priced hookers!

He acts as if, these discussions wouldn’t be taking place anyway. Like what, when the meetings aren’t in session, the sidewalks just roll up and everybody goes home? The building goes to sleep, like my computer monitor? No, they’re all down there, swinging deals they’d rather not cut us in on.

There will also be reports about our employment situation. Did you know  the city of Chico if the fifth top employer in Chico? In fact, four of the top five are public entities, including the school district, the college, and Enloe Hospital. The only private business on the list is Sierra Nevada, at number 4. 

This is the kind of information they’d rather not be discussing in front of a public audience. Be there or be a mole rat. 

UPDATE:  Today committee member Scott Gruendl was unable to make the meeting, and had requested that the item regarding a quarterly meeting schedule be tabled until next meeting, in July.  I’ll have a recap of the meeting in another post.


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