Happy Fourth of July – let’s start thinking about Election 2014!

4 Jul

It’s a good time to be an American. For one thing, in about 40 minutes,  the Rotary Club, with help from The Work Training Center, CARD, and the city of Chico,  will be offering FREE PANCAKES over at One Mile.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that public participation is the most important part of Democracy, and I’m not talking about a pie eating contest or a horseshoe toss. We have an election coming up in less than two years, I’d like to see some likely candidates step up for the city council race.

Scott Gruendl is talking like he’s running – on the news yesterday he was quoted as waiting for the employee unions to come forward with a better deal to keep the airport fire station open. Yeah, yeah – he’s so full of shit –  let’s not forget, Councilman Gruendl approved the MOU that linked public salaries to revenue increases but not decreases.  He knew exactly what he was doing – the same thing was happening in Glenn County, and over the same time period, his Glenn County salary went from about $50,000 to about $105,000/year – oh my! What a co-inky-dink!  And, in Glenn County, the employer pays the ENTIRE  “employee’s share” for pensions and benefits. That is odd, since Glenn County is in the lowest income bracket in the state, one of the poorest counties in the entire country.

Gruendl seems to have no shame as he strings together an impressive total of public moolah.  In addition to his $100,000+ from Glenn County, Gruendl takes about $8,000/year from Chico State as a part time “lecturer”.  And, contrary to what a lot of people believe, our city councilors are paid and benefitted – Gruendl takes  another $7,800/year for his council seat, plus a $17,000 benefits package for which he pays 2% of his salary,  less than $200/year.

If this guy gets re-elected, you can say GOODBYE to the America you thought you knew. People like Gruendl are moving into position all over the United States, pushing the employee unions into power, taking more public money to feed their war chest. If they have their way, the government will be the only employer out there, and if you don’t have a government job, you will be a slave. You will work 60 hours a week to pay their salaries.

I know, pretty dramatic. Oh well, just sit there, and see if I’m right. 

Happy Fourth! 


4 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July – let’s start thinking about Election 2014!”

  1. Sue July 8, 2013 at 2:56 pm #

    How do we get people up off their butts to participate in stuff like this? Where are we going to find good city council candidates? I agree with you; if we don’t change what we’ve got, we’ll just get more of the same. Ugh, not a pleasant prospect!

    • Juanita Sumner July 9, 2013 at 4:48 am #

      The first block I see is MONEY. Our council races have gotten too expensive, the average person can’t afford to “loan” themselves $10,000 to get a campaign going, and god only knows what you have to eat out of whose butt crack to get more.

      Fred Davis ran a campaign a few elections back, said he was not going to accept campaign donations. Ha Ha Fred – Fred has run the conservative PAC’s for years. He’s the one behind stuff like those billboards proclaiming Dave Guzzetti was a commie! Boy, that really helped! That kind of campaign gave us the liberal majority we have today.

      The conservatives have been no better – we were just trying to maneuver the F-150 in a shopping mall the conservatives approved 20 years ago, and the parking spaces are too close together and the driveways are too narrow. The conservatives gave us 20th Street Mall, and that access road alongside Toys R Us – they approved all that.

      That’s another thing that ruins our council races – partisan politics. The council is supposed to be non-partisan, but so many of them fight over party lines. The Democrats, whipped on by little Janey-Bob Mul-Dolan, bring in their big money machine every election. They bring in the SEIU, which has been the biggest donor in recent elections.

      I wish we could get the money and the partisanship out of the races. The only way I see to do that, is run a campaign.

      As a group, the CTA can help. If we could get a candidate we could support, I would be willing to do the work to form a PAC to help this person(s) with their campaign. We can try to run a low-budget but effective campaign. We spent $330 defeating Measure J, I would be very interested in helping run a person, just for the experience. I’m willing to throw my back into it.

  2. Hugh Jass June 24, 2014 at 10:44 am #

    Gruedle is an absolute tool. the fact that he has the nads to actually talk about his time ont the budget oversight committe as if he did anything good there is amazing. He was there when the City was spending like they had won the lottery. Did he ever question a single expenditure. He is a govt freeloader hell bent on mooching his way through life. It is no secret that he really wants the Chico City manager job…that would send Chico into a further death spiral. Thanfully Golof is gone. She has been a waste of space and oxygen for some time. Lets just hope intellegent candidates apply that make people want to vote for them. Last election we had a bizarre cast of characters that made me want to stay home in bed and not vote (of course not the path I chose).

    • Juanita Sumner June 24, 2014 at 11:12 am #

      Well Hugh, thanks for today’s giggle. I’m sorry I haven’t been working too hard on the blog – I am pretty busy minding my own business right now, I imagine that makes a lot of people happy!

      I’m probably going to be working for the rest of this month, take some time to enjoy 7/4/2014, then I’ll head Downtown and see who’s filed papers, see if anybody’s proposing any new laws or taxes. Debbie Presson is taking her sweet time posting the election filings – she hasn’t posted anything on the Elections page since 2012.

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