Rick Clement’s response to Tom Gascoyne’s “Political Science 101”

24 Aug

The following is the opinion of Rick Clements in response to Tom Gascoyne’s “Political Science 101” article posted August 22 in Chico News & Review. I disagree with a lot of what Rick is saying here, but it’s his post : 

Regarding Tom Gascoyne’s article “Political Science 101”; published in the Chico News and Review Thursday August 22, 2013, let me offer the new Chico State and Butte College students a different perspective regarding Chico’s destructive politics that has plagued this community for the last two decades. Let’s call it Political Science 201A.

Since our Progressive Liberal friends, a Far Left faction of the Democratic Party, took control of the City council, their only goals were to gain access to the taxpayer’s monies in order to politically fund their self serving political philosophy; control the growth and type of voter base to effectively “manage” their advantage at the polls, and then to enrich their friends, board appointments, and commissions, and city staff, in order to get their votes to be re-elected. Tom, as is his duty to his fellow Progressives, provided a predictable and mostly inaccurate accounting to you as new students, regarding the recently past Measure A special election. Mainly, he left out its real purpose for occurring. Locals revolted after having been forced to stand by and watch Chico’s financial solvency, its infrastructure, its public safety and the city services, all being collectively destroyed with little or no regard to the public’s needs.

No, Measure A wasn’t about denying anyone, especially the student’s, their right to vote; rather locals just got sick and tired of watching the new students being conned, used and manipulated year after year when an election time rolled around; by using their old and worn out tired false allegations, their clever written propaganda, and, their usual “save the world” slogans to get students to join their Liberal causes. But what currently has been the net results of those con job edicts and special elections that the Progressive Liberals pulled on the student body voters in order to get their way? Every special election the Liberals have caused or defeated in the name of saving Chico from every problem the world has known has left its citizens to live with these now undisputable facts:

The city is broke, the Progressives spent all the city’s finances and drained all it’s reserves, 24 million gone…pooof…. the Grand Jury, after being asked to investigate found by an audit that the books were being cooked and the public trust was intentionally violated; resulting in many staff employees losing their jobs. Police and fire protection ranks were intentionally depleted to pay for an Arts Director and constructing a bicycle path to nowhere. The new Arts Director (their friend) they approved a pay scale at $60,000 a year plus benefits. They and the Unions who funded the election campaigns, awarded huge salary increases and overblown pensions to upper staff of City management and CARD Directors to keep those Democratic votes for their re-election coming in, while the roads in Chico degraded into the worst form of disrepair they’ve ever been. Let’s go back further in time.

Their No Way Jose, Save the Park campaign prevented homes for a growing family population from being built, (yeah people pro-create don’t they…they’re called children), jobs were lost and what was the town left with? A lawsuit settlement that cost the taxpayers over 9 million in City reserve revenues being depleted; and the park property they were professing to protect for us; when all was said and done, they slapped a bob-wired fence around it all and hung “No Trespassing signs on the fence that remain to this day.

Yeah their political versions of business acumen and methods of saving us from God only knows what’s next, keep costing us taxpayers millions. Currently, they just lost yet another 10.9 million dollars that could have funded city services and kept Caper Acres open, in a similar lawsuit loss to the City. That means, the presiding judge found their reasoning’s and methods to control our lives and where we choose to live, while controlling our commerce, to be illegal and that contractual agreements, or sound fiscal policies mean nothing to them.

Chico’s self proclaimed community activist Jessica Allen who led the effort to defeat Measure A; she and Kelly Meager caused a special election to occur in order to force the county to allow legally, growing of medical marijuana. The plan strategy wasn’t well thought out. Why? Because their need to just win the election baby, resulted in bulldozers that came flying out of their garages and began to raze open and visible scares in the mountains, destroying the environment, and polluting the water sources, just so people who saw others get rich using a collective, could cash in, self medicate and put those $100 easy to get doctor prescriptions to valuable use.

The only requirement needed to get a doctor’s prescription: YOU MUST BE BREATHING!

Of course, like President O’Liar always does, our Progressive Liberal council members have always proclaimed and complained that when their stupidity became publicly obvious, yes folks, it was always George Bush’s or someone else’s fault. But never theirs God forbid.

No students, we locals that used Measure A, we just wanted to take back our city government and council to save our town and businesses from financial ruin that these incompetent people have caused. We wanted more police to counter the 300% increase of stabbings, gang violence, drive-by shootings, student muggings, rape and murders, all caused by their depleting the public safety protection funding we all paid for and deserve.

As of their last meeting, yet again, the Progressives just recently voted on a proposed sit/lie ordinance that our businesses and town citizen’s wanted to facilitate a return to a normal pleasant downtown experience; yet as the self serving Progressive Liberals always do and have always done, they declared by their votes, that they could care less about the rest of the town’s residents. Art and arts funding, to them and their base of supporters just wanting another handout of more taxpayer monies; their arts crusade was far more important then your safety and protection while attending college and shopping downtown while living here in Chico. Randall Stone, the council’s biggest bullshit artist, said “Approving that Ordinance would have been the stupidest thing we ever did”. Really Randall?

Just because you proclaimed the fines the tickets carried could never be paid by the homeless and poor, did you as a big time successful financial planner Randall Stone, ever think that instead of issuing financial fines on the violators that those tickets could be satisfied by violators performing levels of community service hours instead?

Naw, the violators holding those citations would just get tired of working for free and move on to another town. That would jeopardize the Liberals not getting a vote out of them come election time. Hey that free stuff brought 11 million illegal aliens across the US border. Why wouldn’t it work here too with the homeless?

Yes folks, Progressives and their activists do prey on young minds entering college, and who by nature, these young minds are eager to save the world. But students, hear this; people here are very tired of the Far Left journalists and the self proclaimed activists who constantly use you students and blitz you with their “blame this and save that” ritual of writings; like a broken record, year after year, just to get you to vote for their Liberal causes. Let me cite one more brilliant use of their governmental style of public protection. They passed an ordinance a while back, where by law, you the offender, have to pay the City of Chico a fine of $1,000.00 if you detonate your nuclear bomb within the city limits. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Yes it’s true folks, and its on the books. Welcome to the Chico/Berkley Brain Dead Utopia City of Never Ending Social Catastrophic Viruses the Corporations created. How do you kill the threat? Raise Taxes!

This Progressive Liberal civic mindset example of a governing Ordinance, was the creation of a minus ten intelligence; an example of what we civilians live with daily. It would insult even a pre-school deaf, dumb, and blind child’s intelligence let alone a college student’s. You really want as a student to join these people? Hey they got free food stamps!

Imagine students, being forced to live daily in their reconditioning camps, citing their mantra of “we know what’s best for you” over and over. A socialist government that wants to constantly remind you that the conservatives, Independents, or any other form of mammal that exists on this earth whom disagrees with, or challenges their political socialist philosophy; you are required to identify them, attack them with talking points, and smear those people who only want to destroy your rights as Americans. If you trust them, they’ll raze our town with miles of corporate cement, (by the way…check out the City Plaza they built and overspent on), then they’ll pollute our park’s beauty with ugly subdivisions which will destroy our water quality and create the scientific environment which will cause squirrels to mutate and be born with two heads and a dog’s tail…BUT NEVER FEAR, THE PROGRESSIVES ARE HERE AND ONLY WE PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS CAN SAVE MANKIND OR YOU THE STUDENTS!!! Just give us unfettered access to the taxpayer monies please, and vote for every tax increase we mandate to keep the dough coming in. You know we don’t work for free! We’re PROFESSIONALS!!! Students, It’s nothing but pure and plain bullshit.

So here’s how you can contribute your time and resources to cure this insanity in Chico.

Educate yourself towards achieving a successful career and fulfilling your dreams, and above all, attain a financially secure income for you, yourself, and no one else but you personally.

Your future and your education is far more important during your college day’s of life’s tenure. Because of the hi-tech information age society you’ve been born into and must participate within; educating yourself is the most serious type of important you will ever face. Your days here at college start that journey.

Worthy charities are worth your time yes; but there’s nothing charitable about politics. Especially here in the garbage can of local Chico politics. Remember, even though bull manure politics have been colored ten different ways, they still came from, were created by, and will always reek of, someone else’s self serving Bullshit. Save yourself first students! No one’s telling you not to engage in intelligent debate or vote. The world, as it has for over a million years, will be waiting for you to save when you graduate. Smart is sexy; and being homeless or ignorant sucks…everyday of your depending on others life!

Avoiding that kind of life depends solely on you being smart enough to respect yourself; to believe only what you see; half of what you hear, and to determine correctly what future effects, if any, will your actions cost you and those who surround you! THAT”S THE TRUTH that every senior citizen like me and someday you, has learned, or will learn, God willing, about life. And while you’re on the ride…have fun. Fun is smart too!

Rick Clements and my two Dogs.

5 Responses to “Rick Clement’s response to Tom Gascoyne’s “Political Science 101””

  1. Cale Wiggins December 9, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    What a neat trick: you personally distance yourself from this yellow garbage, but disseminate it anyway. Honorable and admirable! A difficult double-feat of duplicity, which would make it bullshit four times over.

    • Juanita Sumner December 10, 2013 at 5:57 am #

      What a neat trick – you troll into an old blog, using a fake name, you throw out a bunch of personal insults that don’t have anything to do with the topic. Wow, I’m stymied.

      • Cale Wiggins July 29, 2014 at 12:55 am #

        Real name, dummy. Do you not have google?

      • Juanita Sumner July 29, 2014 at 5:33 am #

        What in the hell are you talking about, to whom? You read the post, right – this is Rick responding to an article Tom wrote in the paper. You can take it up with your personal friends Rick and Tom, but if you come over here and call me a dummy with your Chico State mail box again, I’m going to have to send a harassment complaint to your boss, okay? Got that, Shit for Brains?

        We used to listen to you on the radio – what happened, say ‘booger’ on the air or something?

      • Cale Wiggins July 29, 2014 at 12:57 am #

        …and, I personally know Rick and Tom, so maybe you shouldn’t just assume things

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