Marysville group plans rally against Cal Water rate hikes

30 Aug


Yesterday I got an e-mail from Connie over in Marysville to tell us about her group, Marysville For Affordable Water Rates. Her group is trying to network with like-minded people in other towns.  They sound like a more “with it” group than ours, they’ve really been working hard against the water rate increase.  They’re getting a rally together for September 21 in Marysville.

“We filed a Formal Complaint with CPUC. We have been in touch with many cities that are also fighting back. We are having a rally here in Marysville on Sept 21st @ 10AM. All of you are invited. We have speakers scheduled to talk from other cities. Adam Skow from Food and Water Watch will be here to speak. We are inviting the media from Chico all the way down Sacramento. Newspapers and TV. WE do have a very active facebook site.”

Their Facebook site is interesting, and I see Oroville has also come up with a Facebook site. I hate Facebook, I’m not doing a Facebook site. If somebody else wants to do one, I’d say, get ahold of Connie, here:

They have signs – e-mail at

What I haven’t seen on their website is a discussion of the pensions that are causing the rate hike. That’s what my notice said – $500,000 just for administrative pensions, another $300,000 for the “field workers” – a year!  When Cal Water held their “rate increase hearing” in Chico, citizen Ray Schimmel stood up and explained their “defined” or guaranteed benefits plans. Schimmel, a retired financial analyst, described Cal Water’s pension plan as “The Cadillac of Pension Plans.”  Cal Water is not going to use this money to improve service or give us better water – in fact, every time I turn around they are sending me a notice that my water if full of all kinds of shit, but that’s perfectly okay!

We need to get more people involved.  I do want to attend the rally, and I’d like to get some of those ginchee signs they’ve printed to spread around town.  Unfortunately, my automobile was recently burnt to a crisp in a parking lot fire in O-town:

Well, the door were still attached, but quite melted. And of course, the fire department smashed out all the windows just to make sure the car was completely trashed. Sorry, but the city of Oakland people my husband dealt with were so rude, I hope Oakland slides off into the sea in the next  Big One.

There’s one of the floor mats I bought with my birthday money. New tires.  We’re still waiting for AAA.

My husband and son are taking the rental car out of town. Yeah, another ballgame, those guys just never learn. Can’t resist free tickets right behind home plate. Thanks Dave!

Anyhoo, that leaves me figuring out how I am going to get to Marysville – I will have to hash that over with the CTA this Sunday, at our regular meeting. Maybe we can get up a posse.

At any rate, I will support this group in any way I can, and I’d like to start a similar group here in town, I’d even be willing to post a new word press page for it. I’d also be willing to set up meetings at the library, direct e-mail, etc.

2 Responses to “Marysville group plans rally against Cal Water rate hikes”

  1. Shiela Gardner September 6, 2013 at 8:44 am #

    My water bill is almost as much a PG&E bill. I am outraged. Very much in favor of standing against more rate hikes..

    • Juanita Sumner September 6, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

      Thanks for coming over Shiela,

      and thanks for being outraged. The link between the water company rate hikes and the PG&E rate hikes and the rattling around Downtown for tax and fee increases is THE PENSIONS. I don’t think we owe these people 70 percent of their current salaries FOR LIFE. Everybody else has to save for their own retirement, public and “quasi-public” employees (from agencies like Cal Water and PG&E and Enloe Hosp that get government subsidies) should have to do same.

      To me, it’s not just about the price of water, which is bad enough. These benefits packages, because the recipients don’t have to pay for them, have driven up the cost of everything. If public and quasi-public employees had to pay their own benefits, they’d be outraged at the prices and demand reform of the insurance industry.

      The Marysville group is asking people to join them, but I can’t make the trip to Marysville. I think a concurrent rally in Chico would show some unity. I’ll plan on being at Cal Water on September 21, 11 am, rain or shine, with some home made signs – I have some old campaign signs that I can cover with white paper and nice fat Sharpies to write “Chico For Reasonable Water Rates”.

      If I get more responses from interested parties, I’ll contact Ch 12 and do my best to get them to cover it. Since there’s been coverage by the Marysville Appeal Democrat of their group’s activities, maybe Ch 12 will pick up the story.

      I hope you will join me for a couple of hours of good old American fun Shiela, and please invite your friends and neighbors.

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