Hey – sometimes bitching about something really does work! City Clerk posts up-to-date council minutes! (does her $135,000/year + benies job)

19 Oct

Stop the presses – the city council minutes have been brought up to date! Why? Because Debbie Presson won’t be publicly criticized. 

Thank you Truth Matters Chico!

Presson is now doing what folks have been asking for – posting the actions of the meetings almost immediately instead of holding them for six months while she powders her nose and fixes her lipstick.  She’s “annotating” the agendas with the motions made, the votes and actions taken. That’s good to have, really, because I’ve watched those meetings and things happen so quick and off-mike – sometimes I can’t tell what they did right in front of me.  Reading annotated notes is like going to a city council meeting without having to wade through hours of bullshit. 

Here’s why –  “Then Presson said she can spend time composing more detailed official minutes for council approval.”

That’s a good word to use – compose – because that’s more what she does – she picks and chooses which comments to include, and leaves the rest out. I’ve actually had to ask her to include question and answer sessions I’ve participated in at those meetings. She’s included some comments I’ve remembered at meetings and left out whole conversations on another topic. She left out the conversation I had with Jennifer Hennessy at one meeting, during which Hennessy gave me mis-information about the amount spent on employee pensions.   They should not be able to pick and choose – it should be either action-only (like she just posted) or it should be verbatim. They were doing the Chief’s Advisory Board minutes verbatim when Maloney was chief, why not city council and committee meetings? 

And then, what they’re not talking about in the news article, is “council approval“. Yeah, council members get to remove stuff they don’t like! Even if they really said it! 

I’m happy to see the action-only posted, but I’m sick and tired of Debbie Presson collecting a $135,000/year for sitting on her ass “composing” stuff to be passed off as the truth. 

We need a BIG shakeup in November 2014. 

2 Responses to “Hey – sometimes bitching about something really does work! City Clerk posts up-to-date council minutes! (does her $135,000/year + benies job)”

  1. Jim October 20, 2013 at 8:06 am #

    What exactly does she do?

    • Juanita Sumner October 20, 2013 at 8:19 am #

      I’ll assume you mean, what are her duties. I don’t want to speculate on what she actually does. I haven’t read the charter lately, you might want to look at that. To my knowledge, the clerk is supposed to be our liaison to the council and staff, meaning, she’s supposed to answer our questions and requests for information. She’s supposed to provide us with an accurate record of what happens in any meeting Downtown. She’s supposed to forward our e-mails to the council, although, I’m sure she’s supposed to ferret out threats or inappropriate remarks. They also have a filter that redflags words like “screw” – I know because I used the phrase “screwed up” in an e-mail and Presson’s staffers reported they hadn’t got it. The filter dumps it without telling the sender.

      Presson says there’s no law that she has to post the minutes within any certain amount of time – I would respond, there’s the law, and then there’s ETHICS, Debbie.

      The real question is not “what is her job” – that’s spelled out very clearly in the charter. The real question is, who does she work for? My husband reminds me that Gruendl had the charter changed recently to place the clerk under control of council instead of the city manager. You’d think that would be a good thing, wouldn’t you?

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