CTA discusses impacts of Obamacare, changes meeting schedule

4 Nov

At yesterday’s Chico Taxpayer’s meeting we decided to take a short hiatus  until January, and then in January we will try a new schedule – instead of meeting the First Sunday, we’ll try Third Sunday. I finally realized, the city committee meetings are mostly at the beginning of the month. In past I’ve almost forgotten about them by the time we’ve got to the library.

We also talked about Obamacare – one of our members admitted, he will actually get a pretty good  deal, we’ll keep an eye on that. I hadn’t wanted to discuss national issues, but we can see all around us how Obamacare is negatively affecting the local economy and screwing up people’s lives.  The most concrete example I have is a public agency – Chico Area Recreation District. Obamacare is a topic at every monthly board meeting, and management long ago made the decision to cut all part time workers – which is most of their work force – down to 27 hours or less. These aren’t kids, many of these people have their own kids – imagine trying to get along in this town on 27 hours at minimum wage.   And they’ve had to cut services to the public as a result. They get more in tax revenues every year with the incremental increase on our homes, but every year they offer less in the way of programs, this past summer cutting over 300 children from just one understaffed program. (I think she said 500 but I don’t have time to look).

So, we continue to discuss Obamacare even though it’s a federal mandate and there’s not much we can do on the local level. Write your legislators, write John Boehner a thank you note – 


No, I’m not crazy about Boehner, I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, but we’re copacetic on Obamacare.  I will keep an eye on as many public meetings as I can catch and post my reports here. If you have something you’ve written about a meeting you’ve attended, please contact me via “Contact us here!” and I’ll get back to you.  If you have a topic for a special meeting. let me know. Otherwise I will be down at the library January 19, time to be announced. 

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