Now, lets be nice!

27 Dec

Word Press is a fun site – one of my favorite features is the stats it keeps on my blog. It shows me terms people searched that brought them to my blog. Yesterday somebody keyed in the phrase, “Brian Nakamura’s head on a stick.” Whoa, now, I’m not advocating anything like that!

Those of you Merry Standish fans – fess up you lurkers – might remember the bit they did about Jane Dolan and Kim Yamaguchi, two long-time Butte County Supes. They were pretty bitter enemies – I watched Jane Dolan during one campaign speech, try to light up a bunch of old-timers with the fact that Yamaguchi was Japanese. I know she’s well educated, she knows how to talk – but she purposely mis-pronounced his name with a short ‘a’, like ‘a-munds’, to show those old-timers she is a local! That’s doubly-funny since Yamaguchi’s family had been in the area longer than transplanted Dolan.  Politics are so fun.

I thought Merry-Standish hit the nail on the head when they dressed local musician Steve Cook up as Jane Dolan, in a blonde wig, dumb glasses, furry sweater and bra, and had him/her charge around the room with a really good paper mache reproduction of Yamaguchi’s head on a little pike. Yes, that was funny, cause it was just a skit. You’re allowed to have feelings, even ugly feelings. But, you’re not always allowed to act on feelings, even nice ones. Don’t hug people you don’t know, don’t ask dumb questions about family members who aren’t there, and don’t invite that young chick in your office under the mistletoe, for gawdsake.

Yes, you can vent here, and I will keep it anonymous. But I just wanted to say, as annoyed as I am with Brian Nakamura, I would not wish anything more ill on him than he gets sent somewhere else, thankyouverymuch.

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