These new city contracts are a baby step – if we don’t do more to rein in employee compensation we’re still headed for the fiscal cliff

6 Jan

I will be out of town for a few days, going to Southern California to see The Folks, do a little boarding at Mammoth Snow Park.  I’m sorry I won’t be here for the council meeting, but you know I wouldn’t attend one of those anyway. I sent the e-mail below to council, I wish you would do same:

Dear Council,


These contracts you are looking at tomorrow night are a good start, but should only be offered for a year. As we all know, Cal PERS demands more every year for the pensions obligation. Next year, the employees need to pay more, and the year after that – more, until they bear most of their own benefits and pensions burden and the taxpayers only a small part. 


The cut for pensions should be more like, employee 90 percent, taxpayers 10 percent, stock market nothing.


Thanks, but we aren’t out of the woods yet, not by a long shot – Juanita Sumner

I should have made this point – I’m not talking about new hirees, I’m talking about current employees. I think it’s absolutely despicable to make new employees pay 50 percent while the old guard sits at 8 percent.   That’s Brian Nakamura and his too live crew looking out for their own shiny asses.   Yeah, Chris Constantin comes off like a real nice boy, but like I’ve said before, “Carmen and the Devil, walking side by side…” 

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