Thanks Al Petersen for a wonderful meeting – next up, Bob Evans, candidate for Supervisor Dist. 3

12 Jan

I  was really thrilled to  see a sturdy turnout of serious voters for the first in our series of candidate forums. Today’s speaker, Alan Petersen, rose to the occasion and  gave us a very informative virtual tour of the county Assessor’s office.  I think he was electrified by a really fine audience, or maybe it was the other way around, not sure.

These were educated people, they know what an assessor is, but there were things people wanted to ask. After Petersen gave us the rundown on the function of the office, there was a spirited give-and-take between the guy who evaluates a property for taxation and the folks who are at the other end of that taxation. But it stayed friendly. I was so happy with this discussion, I was floating on air.

And, having admitted this was his first speaking engagement, and having admitted to never having held public office and being new at the politics thing, Petersen stayed firm on course, even when he had mis-haps with his notes, even when he was nervous, even when he wasn’t quite sure about the question being asked, he forged ahead and kept the audience engaged. I learned stuff about the Assessor’s office, and I’m sure everybody in that audience learned something about Al Petersen.

I was so grateful to have a sharp and inquisitive group today, thanks so much to a couple of guys who asked Petersen, what exactly did he have to offer the position, specifically.  Our candidate thought for a moment, and then answered one question I had – as assessor, he would be available to the taxpayers, eager to speak to people about their tax bills, and happy to speak at public engagements in order to educate the public how their properties are assessed. He even had some appeal forms to show us, for anybody who might have issues with their assessment. 

At that point we ran out of time. My lovely audience applauded and thanked Al Petersen, and I had to tell him, he inspired this whole forum, and we’re extremely grateful for that. We’re going to get him back down to the library again when we can arrange it. 

Thanks again all of you who attended, this is what it takes to have a Democracy.

Our next speaker is Bob Evans, candidate for Butte County Supervisor, Dist. 3. – Sunday, Jan. 26, from noon to one o’clock. Come on down, public is welcome. 

3 Responses to “Thanks Al Petersen for a wonderful meeting – next up, Bob Evans, candidate for Supervisor Dist. 3”

  1. Casey January 12, 2014 at 7:54 pm #

    I was there, and Juanita, as usual, is totally correct in her assessment. Quite the assessor, she is.
    Al delivered. I’d vote for him, even if it’s not necessary. He’s quite personable for a suit. He was shy about making cutbacks to his department, however, but promised to make the office with 20+ personnel more efficient. He also described the disconnect with the actual tax collector/treasurer and the assessor’s office. He and his assistant stressed that he’s not a politician and it’s not a political office, that’s nice. One point of enlightenment to be shared is that only 20% of our property taxes goes to the county, the other 80% goes to Sac to be wasted (OK, spent their way).
    Anyway, it’s nice to meet somebody running for office that’s not full of shit. Thanks, Al!

    • Juanita Sumner January 13, 2014 at 6:13 am #

      Thanks Casey. Al also talked about keeping the rolls up to date, making sure your property tax information is accurate – that’s what’s important about his job for me. I know I mentioned I’ve had problems in past with incorrect information on my prop taxes – that’s the assessor’s responsibility, and it’s important to have somebody you can talk to when you have a problem with your tax bill.


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