District 3 Assembly candidates lined up to speak to Chico Taxpayers – Chico’s own Ryan Schohr March 30, noon to one pm

20 Mar

A week from this coming Sunday we will have Ryan Schohr, Chico candidate for Third District Assembly, speaking to voters at Chico library. That’s March 30, noon to 1 pm, bring your questions and concerns. This seat currently belongs to Dan Logue, but Logue is termed out. Schohr’s opponent, James Gallagher, will be our guest on May 11. June 3 is the primary, and this race may well be decided then and there. So get yourself down to the library and get informed.

So far, the only outrageous difference between these candidates is that Schohr is from Chico and Gallagher is from Sutter County.  They are both from rice farm families and they both favor the plans for the Sites Reservoir, storage for water transfers to urban areas. It’s frustrating, all the state legislators are supporting this idea, which I find to be completely bonkers. Like Ice Cube says, everythang’s corrupt. I will have to listen hard to these guys to see if I can slip a piece of tissue paper between their philosophies. At least Schohr is from Chico, and these guys always seem to favor their home over the rest of the district.




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