Next Sunday we have Ryan Schohr, Dist 3 Assembly candidate, coming in to speak to voters, noon to 1pm, Chico library

23 Mar

This speaker series has been satisfying, every candidate has been cooperative and talkative, and the voters who’ve come in have had good questions.  Our last session with Larry Wahl was friendly but provocative, I’d say. 

I met our next speaker, Assembly candidate Ryan Schohr,  when he came in to hear our first speaker,  Assessor candidate Al Petersen. Schohr lives in Chico, so he’s attended almost every gathering, even helping to set up and put away chairs. I have not had much chance to talk to him, although we had an e-mail discussion about his support for water storage, and I’ve read over his website. The water storage issue has been pushed to the front of the conversation by everybody from Logue to LaMalfa. I don’t support water storage, water  transfers have to stop. They all look at water as a commodity they can sell to get us out of our pension disaster. 

We really should ask Assembly candidates Schohr and Gallagher (May 11, noon) more about the pension time bomb. I’ll try to remember to bring that up. Assemblymen get pensions.  Here’s an article that says our refusal to deal head-on with these teat suckers is going to ruin our state’s credit rating:

As it should. If I were Moody’s, I’d pick Jerry Brown up by the feet and shake him until all his credit cards fell out of his pockets, and then I’d cut them up into confetti and put them in his underwear.   We can’t survive another  term under Brown. Remember that old legend about the earthquake that will drop California into the ocean? That story was figurative – they meant, Jerry Brown. 

So, I hope you will come over to the library next Sunday, and help us get a constructive conversation going, covering the issues that affect our quality of life. We’ll have Schohr’s opponent, James Gallagher of Sutter County, May 11. 


2 Responses to “Next Sunday we have Ryan Schohr, Dist 3 Assembly candidate, coming in to speak to voters, noon to 1pm, Chico library”

  1. dispo2014 March 23, 2014 at 9:51 am #

    That’s a really good link. Moody’s says pension costs went up 14%, and will continue to go up ~14% a year for years, absent reform. Council candidate Joe Montes has just pledged to support pension reform, let’s also ask Andrew Coolidge in April if he will.

    But I think Juanita is right, it would be wise to work on the Legislature to take more action too. They could put it on the ballot, without Chuck Reed needing to get a bunch of signatures. The liberals need to get on board; the pension monster is almost a anti-government conservative’s dream….it is sucking the life out of all the liberal programs formerly supported by local government. All that will be left is public safety.
    –Michael Jones

    • Juanita Sumner March 23, 2014 at 10:00 am #

      I don’t ask for pledges – they just parrot back, yadda yadda, and as soon as they get their butts in the chair they do whatever they want. I want to hear a more complete understanding of the issues than I am getting off their websites.

      as for Chuck, until we get Kamala Harris out of the AG’s office, we are screwed. She’s a teat sucker. Ever try to pull a shoat off a teat? Boy howdy you better watch your fingers.

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