Hemet Taxpayers Association eliminated health benefits for council members and instituted term limits

19 Apr

Back in 2010, the Hemet Taxpayers Association asserted themselves and actually got two ballot measures passed – at more than 75 % approval.  It cost them about $7,000. I know, I’d rather buy my own ice cream truck for that kind of money, but it might be worth it to pass the hat around for something like this: (from  City of Hemet Ca,    http://www.cityofhemet.org/      under Municipal Code )

(See Sec. 2-36. Salary of members)

Initiative measure limiting health benefits for elected officials. The city shall not pay for, fund, or otherwise contribute to, the premiums, charges, fees or other costs of health benefits made available by the city to elected city officials either during their term or after their term of office. This measure shall only affect city officials elected to office after October 1994. Nothing in this measure shall prohibit the city from making health benefits that are generally available to other city employees also available to elected city officials during or after his/her term of office, provided that such health benefits are provided at the sole cost of the elected city official. City ordinances, resolutions, or policies, or portions thereof, in effect as of the date referenced below, that are inconsistent or in conflict with this measure shall be deemed repealed and no longer of any effect to the extent necessary to harmonize such documents with this measure. This measure shall take effect at the conclusion of the general election held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, and shall continue thereafter.

(Ord. No. 142; Code 1984, § 2005; Ord. No. 1521, § 1, 6-13-95; Ord. No. 1576, § 2, 1-23-98; Ord. No. 1618, § 1, 6-27-00; Ord. No. 1672, § 1, 8-13-02; Ord. No. 1715, §§ 1, 2, 5-11-04; Ord. No. 1764, § 1, 7-11-06; Res. No. 4369, § 2, 7-27-10 (passed by voters 11-2-10))

(Sec. 2-37. Initiative measure establishing term limits for elected officials.)

During their lifetime no person shall serve, whether by means of election or appointment, more than three terms of office as a city councilmember, as the treasurer, or as any other elected city official. This term limit shall be applied separately to each different type of elected office held. A partial term of office shall be considered to be a full term where more than one-half of the regular term of office has been served. This measure shall apply prospectively, taking effect as to terms commencing in 2012 and thereafter.

(Res. No. 4368, § 2, 7-27-10 (passed by voters 11-2-10))

5 Responses to “Hemet Taxpayers Association eliminated health benefits for council members and instituted term limits”

  1. Rick Clements April 19, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    This would be a good thing to pass, both of them.

    • Juanita Sumner April 19, 2014 at 10:52 am #

      Wow Rick, Hemet Taxpayers kick my ass! Check out their website:


      After this speaker series I’m going to start studying up on initiatives, maybe ask Butte College government teacher and ex-mayor Mary Andrews to come and speak to us about it – “Taking Back the Government, 1A” or something like that. Maybe we could get a series of “experts” to come in.

      • Bill April 19, 2014 at 7:16 pm #

        Excellent idea. If I could I’d like to make a full time job of fighting gummit corruption and idiocy. But I’m a wage slave putting in 50 plus hour weeks just trying to hold on to my salaried job.

        I’ve been considering a career change and it may be forced on me anyway as my job may be cut.

        So how can you make a living/career out of fighting government idiocy?

        Some ideas:

        Become a lawyer and sue the government.

        Work for some non-profit fighting government corruption and waste (think tanks, etc.) (Drawbacks: Hard to get a job with these organizations and probably won’t pay much unless you’re in fundraising).

        Work for an advocacy group that helps people victimized by government. (Drawbacks: same as above.)

        Become an investigative journalist that uncovers government corruption and waste.

        None of these are a good fit for me living in Chico. Any other ideas?

      • Juanita Sumner April 20, 2014 at 6:21 am #

        somebody needs to make a fulltime job of it, I can hardly get anything done. I got a couple of meetings I want to attend next week – one at 8am, one at 7pm, same day. That really cuts into my day job. Sheesh, I’m happiest on the days that I am busy all day in the yard or the kitchen. I wish I could forget about this political stuff and stay home to make bread or put out tomato plants.

        But, you know, leave trouble to mind itself, and all you get is more trouble. Maybe we’re too old now to do any of the stuff on your list, but this is great advice for young people. I believe a revolution is fomenting. My son says he wants to be a lawyer and sue the hell out of the government.

        We’re old bees Bill, we have to sit by the hive and pretend to be asleep, wait for it, wait for it… we’ll get our chance to use our stingers Bill, just you wait!

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