Gallagher cancelled for Sunday, Andrew Merkel will headline at noon; Joe Montes pushed out of race, cancelled for May 25 speaking date

9 May

Well, our speaker series winds towards June primary with only two more speakers – Andrew Merkel, District 2 BCBoS this Sunday at noon, and Butte County assessor candidate Virgle Gage on May 25 at one pm.

Now, I had scheduled 3rd District Assembly candidate James Gallagher for this Sunday, but at the last minute his camp realized they’d scheduled for Mother’s Day and, worried about attendance, asked if they could back out. I had not realized that myself when I scheduled him back in March, and, since they had just driven over from Sutter County for the Women’s League of Voter’s forum just last night, I told them, don’t worry about it.

I already decided to vote for Ryan Schohr anyway, but I was trying to run this speaker thing as straight as possible. I offered Jim Reed a date but his camp never got back to me. He came to visit toward the end of Andrew Coolidge’s gig, but our time was up and we had to leave the room before we could have any conversation with Mr. Reed. In past I have found I don’t agree with him on much of anything, so had not intended to vote for him. I just wanted to be fair.  

In other news, Joe Montes has informed me that he will be dropping out of the race due to pressure from the conservative camp – they told him he would just split the vote, so he should drop out. So, obviously, he is cancelling for May 25. If he thought I was going to keep his confidence on that little bombshell he’s nuts. Andrew Coolidge already told us, he met with other “conservative” candidates back during campaign 2012, and they agreed, there were too many conservative candidates for the number of seats, and that would split the vote and give Schwab and the other “liberals” an easy victory. They tried to pressure Donnan out. I remember certain people talking about that, bitching about Donnan having no business running. Donnan wouldn’t drop out, Goddess bless him, and Coolidge is still mad enough to eat the heads off a sack full  of kittens. He lost by about 200 votes, he talks about it like it happened yesterday, and the little muscles in his temples just go into spasms. 

Jesus Christ you fucking idiots, what the hell country do you live in? I live in America, where American citizens have the right to run for public office, and the voters have the right to vote for whom they choose. I’m sick of the stuff that goes on, both the liberals with their Esplanade League memos and the conservatives with their backroom meetings. I will “opine” here – Mark Sorensen, Michael  Dailey and Andrew Coolidge have pressured Joe Montes out of the council race, I don’t care what Montes says at this point, I got his e-mail in my box.  “People” told him he was going to split the conservative vote, so he’s dropping out. Yeah, people – Mr. Brownshirt, Mr. Slate, and Mr. Pist. 

They made the mistake of trying to run Dailey on a “slate” with Dan Herbert and Mark Sorensen years back, and it blew up in their face. A slate? Why would anybody want to vote for three guys that vote in unison? Larry, Moe and Curley? Intelligent voters want a good mix, not a rubber-stamping majority. So they lost, wham, Herbert was out, Sorensen had to run again, and Dailey went home to change diapers. Now, my guess is, they will be smart enough not to use the word “slate,” but that’s what they’re up too.

I’d call it racketeering, but I’m not a lawyer. 


3 Responses to “Gallagher cancelled for Sunday, Andrew Merkel will headline at noon; Joe Montes pushed out of race, cancelled for May 25 speaking date”

  1. casey May 9, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

    Yes Juanita, that’s what it is. Let’s give Gallagher a break, he’s got a show where he smashes watermelons, so leave him be.
    Montes wouldn’t necessarily be a breath of fresh air if he’s governed by the Butte republicans anyway. Donnan? Whatever. He thinks his wack ideas are awesome but they’re just not thought out. I like the guy though.
    It reminds me of when the liberals had this awesome idea to run Sor Loser as a tool to get the Laosian community to vote lockstep liberal. The dude never voted in his life but he was qualified to take orders from the democrats and vote as told.
    I’m interested in Merkel, at the same time I respect Wahl’s integrity and blunt honesty. Very blunt. I don’t know Merkel though. Maybe he’ll roll in with a few blunts.

    • Juanita Sumner May 10, 2014 at 5:01 am #

      Thanks, that’s what this was all about, finding out more about the candidates, instead of going into the booth cold.

  2. Jim May 11, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    Well I’m not voting for Ryan Schohr. He seems like a nice enough guy, sincere and smart. However he is use to living on government welfare called rice subsidies. His wife also has a cushy government job. As you would say, he is just another “pig at the trough”.

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