We need to get a cookie jar with a lock on it

16 Jun

Thanks for that wake-up call Frank – yes, public works raises are on Tuesday nights’ agenda. All the sudden we got enough money to hire two new positions and give people raises.  But, if you look at the agenda report (Item 4.9), you’ll see they are chalking up a $13,000 savings. That might sound good, but I think the Devil is in the details.

Frankly Frank, I don’t have a lot of time to analyze this shit, I wish I could get more helpers. Right now I got a loaf of bread in the oven, and I’m sick and tired of putting aside scrubbing my own bathroom to read reports. In about 40 minutes, I got to get over to the mess my tenants left me at one of my rentals, I got to get that bitch tits out and on the market within about a week and a half. Yeah, whiney-whine-whine!   You’re right, something stinks here. 

I’ll give you my women’s intuition on this – what Mark Sorensen calls “making stuff up” – well, I can make my own opinions Mark, and my opinion is, they’ve cut positions, hired cheaper people to do the same work – and divvied up a lot of the savings into raises for existing positions. You know that means less services for the taxpayers, but we still pay the same taxes.  I mean, did you think, they would divvy that $13,000 up 82,000 ways and send us a check? 

I don’t have time to look it over again right now, but if one of those positions belongs to Ruben Martinez, I’m going to make a stink about this. He excuses the salary increases in his report, “It’s important to note that these recent staff departures were for better opportunities and brighter future outlooks. “ What the hell kind of bullshit is that?  I like Ruben, but he’s getting soft. His hands and fingernails are nicer than mine, and I’m a woman.  Yeah, Ruben, I meant that like you heard it, Guero!

But I don’t have time to make a stink right now – I’ll have to get back to it later.

Here’s the link:


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