Yeah, you called it – Obummercare!

31 Aug

Bob sent me this link today, asking, “Hey Juanita, you aware of this aspect of Obummercare?”

In this article, Paul Craig Roberts explains what an insurance agent described to my husband and I as “paying down.”  Under the (ha ha) “Affordable (oh Jesus I can’t stop laughing!) Care Act,” when you own a home, no matter your income,  you are forced to sell that home and any other assets, and spend every last dime on medical bills before you can receive any assistance.  Roberts is right –  “Obamacare herds the poor into Medicaid (in California MediCal) which requires some enrollees to forfeit homes and other assets they might have to the state to cover the cost of their medical care.’

See, we don’t qualify for MediCal/CAID  because we own a house. Period. I think they allow you to own one car, don’t quote me on that. In order to qualify for MediCal, they said we’d have to “pay down,” everything we own. We’d have to hit rock bottom paying medical bills and be destitute before they’d give us any MediCal, and then you know what you get.

My family “qualifies” to pay $800 a month for Obummercare, and then we’d pay another $12,000 deductible, and then something called The Bronze Plan would kick in, but I can’t get any answer out of Enloe – I don’t think they take the Bronze Plan. We’d probably have to go to Oroville Hospital, with the rest of the welfare cases, and then, you know, see what we get for our $9600 a year plus $12,000 deductible – I’m guessing, a gurney in the hall. 

I always think of the movie Reservoir Dogs, where the Quentin Tarantino character is given his code name, “Mr. Brown.”  He’d probably say the same thing about The Bronze Plan. “Mr. Bronze? That’s sounds a little too much like Mr. Shit….” I agree. 

Well, I got a loaf of bread to get in the oven, I’ll talk at you later!



One Response to “Yeah, you called it – Obummercare!”

  1. bob August 31, 2014 at 8:45 am #

    I thought they dropped the asset tests and just went on income to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal.

    What has happened is that people who don’t qualify for the subsidy are forced into Medi-Cal then the state comes back after they die and can seize their homes.

    Actually it’s always been like that. If you were on Medi-Cal and received care when you were 55 or older the state could always seize the assets of your estate when you die.

    A friend of mine knows a poor woman in her 50s who lived in her mother’s home because she only had a part time job and couldn’t afford to live on her own. Her mother was on Medicare and Medi-Cal because she was too poor to pay the Medicare deductible and co-insurance. So Medi-Cal had been paying for that for around 30 years. Anyway, she died and the state seized the house even though it was only worth around 80,000. So the woman became homeless. To make matters worse she had a son who I think was around 20 who also became homeless.

    Now people, many of whom had low cost, high deductible plans which have been outlawed are forced into Medi-Cal (or pay a fine and go without health insurance). If anything happens to them and Medi-Cal foots the bill the state can come after their estates.

    To make matters worse some of the people forced into Medi-Cal are forced into manaaged care plans. I believe the state can take the cost of the plans (i.e.premiums) from the estate, so the state can seize the person’s estate even if they never receive any healthcare.

    And people love Obummercare! I tell ya, the people who vote for these politicians are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

    It is beyond me why people trust politicians and politics with anything, especially something as important as healthcare.

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