Let’s just admit it – Obamacare/Covered California is a complete failure and needs to be dumped asap

4 Sep
I found this ad in the News and Review - look at the bottom in tiny writing, "Sorry, no Covered California or medi-cal..." Sorry? Really?

I found this ad in the News and Review – look at the bottom in tiny writing, “Sorry, no Covered California or medi-cal…” Sorry? Really?


I’m not attacking the doctor pictured, or even the practice she works for, because I haven’t checked them out – maybe they charge perfectly reasonable prices and give cash discounts like my dentist and oral surgeon have done. 

But if I were paying $800 a month for my Bronze Plan (or, as I like to call it, The Mr. Shit Plan), I’d be pretty PO’d to find out my doctor won’t accept it. That’s just crazy Folks, why do we put up with this crap?   

My husband  and I are in a pretty ridiculous situation. We qualify for Medi-Cal but can’t collect because we own our own house and rentals. We’d have to sell  off all our assets and be dirt poor before we could collect a penny in benefits, and then what? You see the ad above is pretty clear.

So, we could  bump ourselves up to the Bronze Plan – $800/month, $12,000 deductible. If we got sick, we would eat pretty substantially into our savings before we could make any claim – meanwhile, unable to work, how would we pay our mortgage, tax, utility and other bills?

Oh yeah – the ad above says they don’t take the Mr. Shit Plan.

I always thought I’d saved a lot in the bank, until we got our first hospital bill about 8 years ago. A friend had had a similar procedure 10 years earlier, and his hospital bill wasn’t a fraction, he was able to pay it fully out of his savings and walk away a free and healthy man. Now you can’t even get in without insurance, even green cash will  only get you so far, the bills are so outrageous – more than your house is worth oftentimes. Doctors are vultures, they pick you so clean, you don’t have a home to go and die. 

I wonder if she smiles like  that when she tells you your insurance isn’t good enough.

I guess I’m going to send a copy of this ad to Jerry Brown’s office, and ask him what he can do about this before November. I’ll send a copy to Neal Kashkari, his Republic opponent, see if either one of them has an answer.


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