When your elected officials can’t/won’t help you…

30 Sep

I am getting frustrated in my efforts to get our local leadership to help protest the pending PG&E rate hike proposal. I think Maureen Kirk is sincerely interested in helping here, but she handed me off to PG&E employee Lia White, who didn’t answer my questions about pensions and  benefits – instead she sent me a blob of information about PG&E’s programs.   She  even sent me copies of the inserts we all get in our bills. But no answer to my question – how much of their own benefits do PG&E employees pay? Cal Water management pays  nothing toward their pensions and benefits, CARD management pay nothing, and the mosquito district personnel only pay 3 percent, so I have to ask. 

So, while I appreciate her attempts, I won’t ask Maureen Kirk for help with this issue again.  I remember, when she was a city council member,  how she took on Comcast, over a missed football game, and took on Union Pacific over the speed of trains running through town. I thought she had the chutzpah to demand some answers out of PG&E.

So, here we are, the hearing is coming up in a couple of weeks, and we can’t count on our elected officials, so let’s do our best. Please write those e-mails/letters to the CPUC. Get out your old bills and tell them how you’ve watched  the rates go up up up, the billing changes, rates and baselines change without explanation – look at your bills, I’m sure you will find something to say. Tell them this rate increase is business hostile and makes our city a less  desirable place to live and work. Tell them how this has affected  your lifestyle, and ask how much of your rates go to pay insurance packages better than the one you have. And don’t forget the pensions – do you get a pension? Who pays for it? 

Then I’d really like to see some folks turn out at that hearing October 9, Holiday Inn, 2 and 6:30 pm.

Folks, you can’t let other people fight your battles for you. Here’s the simple truth – nobody cares about you the way you do. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. 





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