CPUC hearing on PG&E rate increase – Oct 9

7 Oct

The CPUC will be hearing public comments regarding PG&E’s proposed rate hike this Thursday,Oct. 9, at Holiday inn. There will be two sessions, at 2 and 6:30 pm.

I don’t expect them to give us much time, so please think about what you’d like to say, and put it into a very short statement. We may be limited to three minutes or less. We can be sure they will be hostile toward us.

One thing you can do is bring in as many of your old bills as you can round up, just hold up that stack, let them know you pay attention. Tell them your rates have been raised repeatedly and the baseline has been cut dramatically. PG&E is creating a hostile atmosphere for business and residents in our town.

Frankly, I’ll say, they’ve created anxiety and fear in our homes. We’ve all been making drastic lifestyle changes, cutting back our usage, but our bills aren’t going down.

But I also intend to ask some questions – what is the justification for this rate increase?  Where is the money going? How much of PG&E’s budget goes toward pensions? What portion of their own benefits and pension do PG&E workers pay?

Please join me – I will try to attend both sessions. Don’t be a patsy.

We will not get help from any of our elected leaders – they are too busy grandstanding on the steps of  City Hall, opening shopping season Downtown.

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