Chico Taxpayers Association endorses anybody but Gruendl

14 Oct
My sentiments exactly.

My sentiments exactly.

I love this picture so much I may put it on buttons or a t-shirt. I got it on a mailer I received yesterday with the message, “Fire Scott Gruendl.” Chico Taxpayers Association couldn’t agree more! 

Gruendl told me years back, he was going to “bring some decent salaries into this town.” I thought he meant, better jobs for everybody – he meant he was going to join public workers all over the nation in jacking up their salaries by way of a contract MOU that attached salaries to “revenue increases but not decreases…”  That MOU was followed by increases of 14, 19, 22 percent over the next few years. City Manager Tom Lando’s salary went from about $65,000/year to about $165,000 a year, and Gruendl’s salary as Glenn County Health Director went up from around $50,000/year to just over $100,000.

In Glenn County he tried to eliminate a department and bring it under his management, demanding a huge salary raise to go with it. The retiring director was so mad at Gruendl, he cancelled his retirement in order to stop Gruendl from taking over his department. That’s what Dave Burkland did under Gruendl’s direction here in Chico – he eliminated positions, such as RDA director, Airport manager, and several others, took those titles and added them to his salary. His predecessor, Greg Jones, had enjoyed a $190,000/year salary after Lando. Burkland took a lessor salary, but then, under Mayor Gruendl’s direction, eliminated positions and added the salaries to his own, going from about $165,000 to almost the $190,000 Jones had retired on.  Gruendl stood by applauding – they told us they were saving money. That was and  remains a blatant lie, but Gruendl still insists he’s done a good job of stewarding our city.

Okay, let’s talk about what a freak this guy is. In 2012, he followed a city council candidate to his car in a dark parking lot, and swaggering like he was on meds, proceeded to threaten the man for divulging public information from the city podium.

He acted similarly at a committee meeting when I asked him why he and his neighbors protested a low-income housing project next to Doe Mill. Gruendl led that protest, claiming that low-income housing lowers property values for neighbors. He had the project moved over to North Valley Plaza, with no concerns for the neighbors there. Now North Valley Plaza is a wreck, piles of dirt have sat where successful stores had sat for years. “It’s always been an eyesore,” says the owner of the Pour House. No, it wasn’t always an eyesore, that happened on Gruendl’s watch. That was a viable part of town, with good family housing all around it. Why was it okay to place low-income housing there, but not next to Gruendl’s hood?

When I asked him this at a morning meeting, he shocked the entire assemblage by threatening to close the meeting. He never answered the question, even though the very topic of the discussion was, why people don’t like low-income housing in their neighborhood!

Gruendl has also voted to raise his own salary as councilor, he’s voted to lay-off employees and make them pay more of their own packages but he still receives salary and benefits as council, paying only 2 percent of his $9,000/year salary toward his $21,000+ health insurance package.  He also receives health insurance from Glenn County and from Chico State where he is a part time teacher.  All this free health care, two extra salaries, in addition to his $100,000+ salary from Glenn County.

What a pig. He’s got himself so overextended he thinks it’s okay to drive 102 mph down a public freeway, endangering lives and making a mockery of the public trust.

You can see it on the Superior Court index, here, just type in “Gruendl, Scott”:

He was only fined $859? A friend of ours kid was fined over $400 for a bicycle infraction. I’ll never forget the story Gruendl told on “Chico Left” – ah, remember Tim Boozekay?   It was the first week of school, and the cops were out in force giving tickets for anything. Gruendl had been stopped, admittedly jaywalking, by a gal from Chico PD – he said he told her, “you don’t know who I am…” and walked away. He bragged about that.

I’ll say it – if you reelect this ghoul, you deserve what you get. He’s driven our city into the dirt for his own financial gain. Ask anybody in Hamilton City what they think of him – Ham City opted out of Glenn County mosquito district, cause they said Butte County mosquito district gave them a better deal. A few years ago, Gruendl tried to force Ham City back into the Glenn County district, admittedly just for the revenues. He thinks it’s okay to loot the public  coffers for his own gain, he’s an unbelievable pig.

A vote for Gruendl, is a vote for bankruptcy. Furthermore, it’s a vote for corruption, greed, and embezzlement. It’s a travesty of the public trust.  



6 Responses to “Chico Taxpayers Association endorses anybody but Gruendl”

  1. bob October 14, 2014 at 6:48 am #

    And knowing this community he’ll be re-elected in a landslide.

    Heard the trough feeders in Redding have put a sales tax increase on the ballot there and the crony capitalist chamber of commerce supports it so it will probably pass.

    Also, the Demoncrats in Sucramento are now talking about making Brown’s “temporary” tax increases permanent, including the sales tax increase. (And the idiot voters were dumb enough to believe the Demoncrats that it would be temporary.)

    I’m sure all this is music to the ears of the Chico trough feeders. If either the Paradise or Redding sales tax increase passes they will be in heaven and you can count on a tax increase in your future. (The council will pass it (not make Lando and his cronies get signatures) and the idiot voters will vote for it.)

    If all the trough feeders got their way we’d probably be paying 15 or 20% sales tax in this state.

    • Juanita Sumner October 14, 2014 at 8:45 am #

      I agree – that’s what I heard at the CPUC hearing. There are too many rich people who think poor and working class aren’t paying enough.

      • bob October 14, 2014 at 9:37 am #

        Gerald Celente (Trends Forecastor) said many years ago to watch local and state taxes, like sales tax and fees. He said the local and state governments were going to stick it to the little people and he sure was right.

      • Juanita Sumner October 15, 2014 at 11:09 am #

        I have been feeling this tax blitz in my bones for a long time now, they been racking up the expenses, then cutting services, trying to screw us into voting more taxes on ourselves.

        I had 100 signs made against Measure J, I never had time to post or give away all of them, and I got most of those back, in very good shape. They are “plastic bag” construction, so we can just flip them inside-out and reprint them for the 2016 sales tax increase assault. My son likes to silkscreen stuff, but we might just make various cardboard stencils, print them with spray paint – which will eventually eat the plastic, but we should be able to get at least a month out of them. Today we were trying to think of slogans – short and to the point, because we want to use big bold print, easy for people to see, easy to remember.

        My husband suggested “Save local business – vote NO on Measure T(ax)” or something along that line. Without being mean, we must remind the local retail sector, everything they sell is available, probably a lot cheaper, online. A sales tax increase in this economy would drive more people to shop either online or outside of town.

        Sheesh, it’s so much more convenient anyway. My kid is in college out of town. I want to send him a “care package” of dental supplies, soap, some health supplements – I order it from Lucky Vitamin, they deliver it to his dorm building. Free shipping for $49 or more, which amounts to a bottle of vitamins (at Raley’s the same bottle is almost $15 more), some dental supplies (again, way cheaper than brands available locally), a big bottle of soap (again, half as much as the stuff we buy at Raleys), and a few packs of that protein powder supplement drink (same price as local but rounds the order up to free shipping). He will have it within a week.

        We just bought a new water heater online – half the price of local vendors, and a better model than our regular plumbing store even carries. It would have cost us over $300 locally – which means, we took what, $24 out of the local sales tax coffers? I hope it hurt.

        I told my husband, I want to start shopping at Oroville Home Depot – man, have you seen that place?! There’s lots of things to see/do/buy in O-ville, they got some great little coffee shops, and the drive is one of those “stop and smell the roses” kinda things, the scenery is splendid. I like those pastoral vistas. We’re always having to go to Home Depot for something, all these old houses to take care of, we’ll have to head over to their ginormous store and see if it’s any better or maybe even cheaper than Chico HD.

        Are you listening, you little Traitor Katy Simmons!?!

  2. bob October 14, 2014 at 8:28 pm #

    I just love that picture of the Grundler. I just got mine in the mail now. I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall. I will cherish it always.

    • Juanita Sumner October 15, 2014 at 10:50 am #

      I want it on a t-shirt. I’d wear it to every meeting I attend. I haven’t had time lately, but somewhere in my file cabinet I have a pack of t-shirt iron-ons that came with my printer, I’m gonna do it!

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