Election is over, time to hibernate a while

7 Nov

Well, that election is good to be done with, one of the worst I’ve ever witnessed. On Tuesday as my husband and I drove into town we were greeted with a regular Christmas string of illegally posted signs, most of them Scott Gruendl. Downtown, somebody had posted big, ugly, hand-scrawled signs on prominent phone poles, asking people to vote for Jerry Brown –  illegal.   I haven’t been out around town again, I hope the candidates have gone out and taken all that garbage down. 

I got a call the day after the 2012 election – Larry Wahl asking me when I was going to go out and take down the Measure J signs. He’d already taken down about a dozen and asked me to pick them up at his office. I have most of those signs, still in great condition, to re-use in 2016. With those ugly hand-made signs in mind, I will do a more professional job on my makeover.

Like a good boat, this organization made it through the election, somewhat dinged up, ready for a stint in dry dock. Government meetings will slow down this time of year, and the contract negotiations will go on behind closed doors. I will keep checking the agendas and announcements, post anything important, but otherwise I’m going to put on my ‘kerchief and take a long winter nap. 


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