Rand Paul supports Right to Work legislation – “I believe that workers should not be forced to pay dues just to keep a job…”

12 Dec

From This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul:

Dr. Rand Paul Supports Right to Work Effort in Warren County

I issued a statement on Thursday following the Warren County Fiscal Court’s granting preliminary approval to a country Right to Work ordinance.

I support efforts on the federal level to promote Right to Work laws. I am excited that the local leaders in my hometown of Bowling Green have taken the initiative to push for this common sense change to the law.

Local leaders will be able to attract and keep good quality jobs in the community while preserving the freedom to contract for employees and employers. I believe that workers should not be forced to pay dues just to keep a job let alone pay them to organizations that spend hundreds of millions of dollars electing candidates that so many of their members oppose.

I am pleased to support your efforts, congratulate you on your leadership, and I am proud that my own hometown will be the first to take this dramatic step for the creation of jobs, and the protection of individual liberties. I want to thank Judge Executive Buchanon for his leadership in promoting Right to Work for the people of Kentucky. I also would like to thank the Warren County Fiscal Court.

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