Thanks Paul – reader reminds me to wake up and smell the deficit!

5 Jan

A reader sent me  a note today, telling me to read the Enterprise Record, “another deficit of $2 million…”

Thank you for the head’s up, kind reader – I had quit reading the ER, except for an occasional foray to the letters section. I’ve sat through so many meetings, seen so many “power point” presentations and read so many slanted news stories about our local finances, it’s all starting to run together in my head. When I was forcing myself out to meetings, I’d hear something, and then bitch about it, and then get distracted with the next annoying thing, and then about a month or two later, the ER might do  a story about the thing I was pissed about but already forgot. I’m always asking myself, “have I been pissed off about this already?”

Then I remembered, I already read this report in the agenda I got last week! I did already get pissed about this, I’m not senile!  And, I’m saved from having to read the ER! Thank goodness!

If you don’t believe me, read the financial reports in Item 4.1. Read it! Written so flat and boring – pay attention – this is the story of our bankruptcy – the emergency fund is empty, and there’s no money in the General Fund to pump it back up. The General Fund has been put on life support, having bottomed out the Development Fund. They’re hooking people up to an inadequate sewer system so they can steal more money from the Sewer Fund – before he was Mayor, Mark Sorensen used to complain that Ann Schwab was stealing from the Sewer Fund, but we don’t hear anything about that from him anymore.  We’re broke, but we’re still raising salaries, and hiring more people to “manage” stuff. It doesn’t seem to me that anybody is managing anything but their own bank accounts.

It’s January, I got drunk with liberals last night, and my youngest is getting in his car today to go back to school, six hours away. Me and Bob have been rubbing salt in our bag ban wound.  The fee increases and tax proposals are coming at us from every direction lately. Pardon me for being distracted. This stuff gets circular after a while. 

I been talking to my friend Connie in Marysville – she sent me an article about Cal Water yesterday that I am having to read a paragraph at a time, and then go walk around the yard a couple of times before I get so mad my head turns into macaroni and cheese.

PG&E is rolling in a rate hike of 6 percent this month, but this isn’t the “adjustment” we just protested – that doesn’t kick in until 2016.  The one we’ll be feeling next was wheedled through the system a couple of years  ago, to address infrastructural inadequacies in the wake of the San Bruno disaster – yep, we will pay the fines that were levied on PG&E for killing eight people and leveling almost an entire neighborhood. 

Don’t you wish your head really was made out of macaroni and cheese?  Then this stuff wouldn’t matter, all we’d care about would be keeping the birds from eating our heads.

But, we are rational  creatures, and we must stand up to this kind of irrational bullshit. Write to your mayor and vice mayor now, and tell them they have to rein in public safety costs and stop deferring developer fees. 

Mayor Mark Sorensen –

Vice Mayor Sean Morgan –

And, write to Debbie Presson at and ask her to put you on the council agenda notifications list – you will receive the agendas via e-mail by Friday of the week previous, so you don’t have to wait for the ER to run a story the day before, sometimes the day of the meeting. And they don’t usually tell everything, they slant it,especially now that Dave Little’s buddy is mayor. 

Don’t be a fed pig, be a mad pig.


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