Embedded reporters – maybe the ER should ask it’s readers what’s going on

6 Apr

I had a glitch in that last post – wouldn’t accept comments – so I’ve brought Bob’s comments over to a new post. I’ve heard other stories like Bob’s, I think his experience is all too common. 

I have been the victim of crime several times and the police were absolutely useless.

It’s not that they were rude or anything like that, just useless.

The last time I had some valuable property stolen on two separate occasions about a month apart. The police made no effort to recover the property or even apprehend the criminal. Assuming they would have arrested the criminal but not recovered the property (assuming it had been destroyed, lost or was long gone, probably sold to someone else) the criminal justice system would have done nothing to make me whole again, i.e. restitution. I would have had to go to civil court on my dime and of course most of these criminals haven’t a penny to their name so lots of luck with that.

Instead I would be a victim twice: first my property is stolen and then I have to pay taxes to incarcerate the criminal where he/she just becomes more hardened to a life of crime. Is that insane or what? The criminal should be required to make the victim whole again as much as possible while being rehabilitated assuming he/she is not too far gone.

But consider this and the fact that police are under no obligation to protect you from crime according to the Supreme Court. (Like I said before the function of the police is to protect the state, NOT you. Just look at Ferguson where the police were protecting the government buildings and letting private sector buildings and homes get looted and destroyed.) Can you imagine a business in the private sector lasting a month like this if this was how it treated its customers? Yet we are expected to continue paying ever more for police “protection.” We are expected to make police officers multi-millionaires when you factor in their lifetime pensions, other benefits and earnings. The entire system is immoral and should be called the criminal injustice system and we are its victims.

I have a friend who owned a retail and service shop in town for over 20 years, very popular business. Shoplifters would walk in while he was with a customer and walk out with merchandise. It was a small shop, so most times he’d see them run off with the goods, and call the cops immediately. He never got any satisfaction from Chico PD, and one time they were especially annoying – they didn’t come for hours – a quick response very well could have nailed the perps – but by the time these fatasses showed up, forget that. They were just making the rounds, filling out useless reports. These two fat, plain clothes guys came in carrying their fast food – burgers and sodas – and just slopped them right down on my friend’s glass counter top. The one guy kept taking bites as he was asking my friend questions, as if they cared, and left grease all over my friend’s counter. He never heard another word out of them.

Another time it was his bike – they did nothing but take a report. A friend told him, I saw your bike at Mike’s (an old used bike shop where the cops were always finding stolen bikes but did nothing about it), so my friend called the cops and asked them to meet him at Mikes. There was the bike, serial number and everything, and right in front of the cops Mike tried to tell my friend he had to buy the bike back. The cops talked Mike into giving my friend his bike, but they did nothing to Mike for having a stolen bike. My friend’s only proof was that serial number that he had a copy of. They told him they couldn’t have done anything without that serial number – make note of that folks.

Before that it was Del’s Bike Barn – that went on for years, until Del finally folded up his legs and left.

It is obvious we can’t depend on the cops to take care of us. I’ve just about convinced my husband to put up security cameras – hey, I’ve had some weird experiences with Chico PD, I want that on tape too. 

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