League of Women Voters provides needed oversight of local agencies – come out to support their work at wine/beer/olive oil tasting April 19, Manzanita Place

12 Apr

When I was sitting in that CARD special meeting by myself a week or so ago, wondering if anybody even gave a doodle about these taxing agencies, imagine how happy I was to see a woman walk in wearing the League of Women Voters banner. I found out, the league sends representatives to various public meetings to make sure these agencies are following the Brown Act and other rules. 

I wasn’t the only one who noticed her entrance – CARD board chair Jan Sneed expressed surprise – surprise that anybody would attend a CARD meeting, maybe, but I think she noticed the banner across the woman’s shirt too.  She seemed a little startled.  Sneed has acted in past as if I have no business poking my nose into CARD’s business. It’s nice for her to see, this is everybody’s business.

League of Women Voters does a lot of good work in the community. They run voter forums at election time, give the voters a chance to listen to the candidates and the proponents and opponents of various measures, even  ask a few questions. These forums haven’t always been run to my liking, but they’re there, and that’s something.  If I really didn’t like the way things were run at the league, I could join, and add my voice, but I think they’re doing a good enough job as it is.

The workshop they held at the Women’s Center, Brown Bag the Brown Act, was unique, an opportunity for the public, FREE OF CHARGE, to hear about their rights regarding access to public information. It was much more extensive than a presentation I attended with the Chico City Clerk.  A gold mine of information, offered to the public, FREE OF CHARGE. They had to pay rent on the Women’s Center, just one of their expenses.  In order to cover expenses, to continue to offer these services to the public, FREE OF CHARGE, they do fundraisers every year. This year they have a wine, beer and olive oil tasting party, with tasty snacks, at Manzanita Place, next Sunday, 4 – 7 pm. Tickets are $35 – late-comers will pay $40 at the door, so get your tickets now. You’ll find them at Made in Chico, Tannins, and Zucchini and Vine, or contact the league at (530) 895-8683.


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