Clean and Safe starting a sales tax increase campaign?

15 Apr

Happy April 15 Taxpayers!

Do you know that you are paying for the use of City Plaza every Tuesday from 11 am to 1 pm? Have you been down there to enjoy your tax dollars at work?

Clean and Safe, an organization spawned out of the Downtown Business Association and the Chico Chamber, holds a “picnic in the plaza” every Tuesday from 11 – 1. They bring in various local food trucks and commercial vendors for “some fundraising and educational elements for the Downtown Chico Clean & Safe Campaign as well as the City of Chico Parks Division.”

I guess a lot of people would say that’s okay, but I’m saying, this is the beginning of a sales tax increase campaign.

This morning I looked at the city website to see if “Clean and Safe” has registered as a PAC – nothing yet. I’m guessing the clerk would not put it up right away, she’s woefully behind in her job. When I checked the county website, the page was down – the county website is unreliable, poorly run. As usual, I had to send a note to Elections and cc Candace Grubbs and Maureen Kirk, I’ll see what I get back.

I have heard from friends that Clean and Safe is advocating a sales tax increase “for public safety.” We’ll see how long they run it under the radar. Right now they are enjoying free use of City Plaza – here’s the rate schedule:

First you pay the reservation fee – based on expected attendance – $11 per 100 people – minimum $150. If you are going to have more than 100 attendees, you also have to purchase liability insurance. There are two damage deposits  – $180 for an “intensive  use area” – I’m guessing the Plaza is considered “intensive use”. For more than 200 people attending a Plaza event, there is a $95 restroom fee.

Only $100 of that damage deposit is refundable, and that’s up to the Parks Division. So, for a “partial day” event of 4 hours or less, with folks allowed to roam freely within the perimeter whether or not they attend or contribute to your event, would cost you a minimum of $345.

A park employee told me this was decided at a Bidwell Parks and Playground commission meeting. Let me remind all of us – we don’t elect the park commissioners, these are spoils positions.

2 Responses to “Clean and Safe starting a sales tax increase campaign?”

  1. bob April 16, 2015 at 7:25 am #

    According to the ER the Chico teachers are getting 3 percent raises and then another 6 percent the year after plus benefit increases. I know no one in the private sector getting these kinds of raises and benefits never get increased.

    Anyone who doesn’t think big tax increases are not coming down the road is nuts.

    • Juanita Sumner April 16, 2015 at 7:34 am #

      I hate the school district, I even pay school bonds on my undeveloped hill property, I don’t know how they did that. They tried to overcharge us on fees when we bought this house, admitting in the end we didn’t owe anything, but trying to chastise us with “it’s for the schools…”

      The school board is the worst entity in town, and the teachers are a bunch of fascist hypocrites. That’s why I home schooled my kids – the district gets my money, but they will never get my children (insert evil sounding cackle here…)

      Watch this, it will pick up your morning. Are you an angry ram Bob? Me too.

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