No wonder the county behavioral health department can’t recruit people

22 Apr

I noticed this ad in the online Chico Enterprise Record. Butte County is looking for Behavioral Health workers. The Behavioral Health department is responsible for collecting “people who are a danger to themselves or the public” from Enloe Hospital when they are brought there by Chico PD, and transporting them to the mental health facility on Rio Lindo.   The county has three open positions:

Supervisor, Behavioral health clinician – $51,981 – $69,660 annually

Behavioral Health Clinician III – $49,476 – 66,304 annually

Behavioral health clinician II – $47,092 – 63,108 annually

You’ll find descriptions of duties here:

Please note – hirees are expected to deal, hands on, with “people who are a danger to themselves or the public.” Are they serious with these salaries – our city clerk makes over $135,000/year, plus benefits and pension, but they expect these employees to deal with “people who are a danger to themselves or the public” for less than $70,000 a year?

I did some investigating online – look what I found – an ad posted two years ago! same position!

Is it really surprising the county can’t fill these positions? A couple of years back they received a million dollar grant, most of which went to two salaries, one of them for a guy who doesn’t even set foot in Butte County – he supervises the other employees online? I think the supervisors need to pull their heads out of their frackasses on this one.

Chico PD has long complained about having to deal with “crazy” people. They are trained for a week at Butte College, that’s it. With that training they are expected to be able to tell the difference between the mentally ill and the consummate bullshitter. Would they know if they had a case of diabetes shock or multiple sclerosis on their hands? Not sure.  I know they’ve used this ill-placed responsibility to demand more money every time the contracts come around the pike. 

Let me point out – Chico PD officers are required very little college, paid average salaries over $100,000, plus overtime, benefits and pension at 90 percent of their highest year’s pay, at age 50. Oh yeah, and then there’s the gun.

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