Utility tax rebates available May 1 through June 30

28 Apr

Starting Friday May 1, the City of  Chico – bless their black little hearts – will be offering the annual “rebate” of  money they’ve been dipping out of your utility bills  all year. You have until June 30 to gather all your bills and your tax return together, and mail or deliver them to the city finance office. Here’s the application with the income requirements:


Remember, the taxpayers were never asked about a Utility Tax – it was mandated by city council back in the 70’s. Scott Gruendl led the charge about 10 years ago to raise it to the maximum 5 percent. If we barnstormed Sorensen and the council now we might be able to get them to lower it back to 3 percent, now that they’ve found all this money ($4.8 million) in the couch cushions. We’ll put that on our wish list under, “Overturn the stupid bag ban.”

Last year Chris Constantin instituted a new policy – you have to leave all your paperwork, and they will review it for a couple of months, then send you a check. They used to give you cash on the spot if your rebate was under a hundred dollars – this is Constantin’s way of belittling people out of reclaiming their stolen money. You can ask for your billing back – last year they actually paid the postage to resend me twelve months of PG&E bills, I can’t remember what it cost them. It also took them about two or three months to get it back to me. 

Yeah, I save all my bills, that’s how I know what kind of screwing we’ve been taking from PG&E. I know, a lot of people prefer to be ostriches – put their heads in the sand. Well, you know where that leaves your ass…

I even have copies of a month’s worth of the city’s PG&E bills, from last year. I’m waiting to go down and get the billing for the same month 2015. I’ll let you know what I find.

People who aren’t curious about this kind of stuff might as well paint a bull’s-eye on their rear end, as far as I’m concerned. 

We only have about $50 coming, so my husband had to ask, “Why bother?”  I reminded him, they just take it from our utility bills. I’m sick and tired of the taking.  I’d go in for that rebate if it was 5 cents, just to tell Chris Constantin, “you’re a thief, little man, you steal from the poor to line your nest!” 

I hope that gets in his guts, I hope it eats a hole the size of an SUV. 



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