Read the chief’s report – what does he want? Do we need more cops, or do we need overpaid cops?

19 May

I was reading the article about Chico PD Chief Dunbaugh’s report, and I notice the link to the actual report does not work.

The report should be available when you open the city website, but instead they have an expired article about Enloe’s recent Drug Drop and Dash. The city website hasn’t been kept up very well lately, but the report is available under “Police” in the drop down city departments window, here’s that link:

I don’t know why she didn’t just use the link, that tiny url shit hasn’t been working right for a long time. She probably doesn’t check her own links, I notice she barely has a handle on spelling, grammar and punctuation. Probably cause she’s so busy writing down whatever they want her to say.

What I see here is a man pandering for a tax increase, and everybody skirting around it, but nobody with the gagnas to bring this beast right out into the open, where God and everybody can get a good look and a sniff at it, and say, “PEEEEEE-UUUUUU!” . They just increased salaries down at the cop shop, the cops agreeing to pay – BFD – 12 percent toward pensions of 90 percent at age 50 – and they have the nerve to be crying about staff shortages? 

Here’s my prediction – the whore of Babylon, Downtown Chamber harpie Katie Simmons, will be the one to push it forward. $5 says she’ll do it right before Christmas, threatening us with drunk drivers and muggers. 

2 Responses to “Read the chief’s report – what does he want? Do we need more cops, or do we need overpaid cops?”

  1. bob May 19, 2015 at 5:50 pm #

    There is going to be tremendous pressure for tax increases.

    You will have the so-called conservatives on the city council scaring the shiite out of the sheeple, telling them if there is no tax increase they will be victims of crime, there must be ever more money for police and fire and of course the liberals always want a tax increase for everything else.

    Then there are the crony cr@pitalists in the chamber who will also put all their weight behind a tax increase. And isn’t Lando a big chamber muckety muck? Or at least he was. He’s had his snout in so many public and private sector troughs it’s hard to keep track.

    And of course, card is going to want a tax increase. It just never stops.

    And we have had big increases in our power, sewer and water bills and the garbage bill will be going up big time with this new tax…er…franchise fee.

    To the parasites in city hall we are just tax livestock who are to be milked until we drop.

    • Juanita Sumner May 20, 2015 at 5:23 am #

      I agree – Moooo!

      That’s why my husband and I have again decided to downsize, downsize, downsize – not exactly lessen our footprint, but rearrange how we live in it – get off the grid.

      I may quit blogging! Oh my!

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