Koyaanisqatsi – life is out of balance around here

24 Jun

I get a report from Word Press about how people get to my site – what search terms they use.  Lately there has been a lot of curiosity about various members of city council and  staff.

Of course Sean Morgan and his wife have been a subject of interest, since Morgan complained that his wife got a parking ticket Downtown recently. He admitted she’d violated her parking meter, and that her front license plate was missing, but he complained that the parking enforcement “specialist” hired by Downtown merchants are being overzealous. 

My husband wonders how Morgan could be so stupid as to make such a complaint publicly. I told him, you just have to come to a meeting, this behavior would not surprise you if you’d been watching the guy. He’s a total idiot. He thinks being elected to public office gives a person some sort of deference, a special privilege above and  beyond the rights of the common and ordinary Joe and Jane Citizen. He’s very demanding, like a spoiled  child. 

At least Morgan is stupid enough to let himself out of the bag – you know they all feel that way. Something about the recycled air in the city chamber just gets to their brains, something about those fancy chairs gives them a pair of brass cojones. At a time when the people need to lead, we sit in the peanut gallery, throwing tomatoes at these clowns.  Koyaanisqatsi.

Then there’s Chris Constantin, spelled various ways. Whenever I get a lot of searches for a person like that, it seems they are looking for a new job, but that’s just my past experience. To think what that guy has accomplished since he got here – cutting staff down to a skeleton crew, rearranging our finances to accommodate unprecedented salaries for himself and his cronies, making the 9 percent employee share of pension cost look like some kind of taxpayer victory, and taking a $43 million budget to $109 million over the course of a year, at the same time telling us around every corner we’re in a precarious financial condition.

Where did he get another $50 million for this new budget? Koyaanisqatsi.

Another common search is “plastic bag ban,” “single use bag ban”, etc. I know that’s not just Bob, people are pissed off one way or the other on that issue – we’ll see who’s got enough piss and vinegar to tip the boat one way or the other. I won’t say I’ve gotten over it, but I don’t have much energy to put into it – like Bob, I am pretty sure the ban will hold up. The overwhelming propaganda – the island the size of Texas made up of shopping bags, blah, blah – added to the average Californian’s poor education and lack of motivation,  will hammer the last nail in that coffin. 

But who knows – 35 years ago environmentalists were likening the use of tree pulp in making shopping bags to The Holocaust, now you see them flowing out of the grocery stores just like the old days, and it’s okay because they cost 10 cents a piece. Koyaanisqatsi. 

CARD finally found a solution to Obamacare – outsource labor costs to a consultant (long time public contractor Greg Melton) who can keep his staff small enough that he does not fall under the Obamacare laws. Over a year ago, the CARD board voted to cut part time workers’ hours to 28 hours or less to avoid having to pay healthcare under Obama’s new 30 hours is full time ruling. Meanwhile, some 30-odd full time employees enjoy full benefits and pension, for which they pay nothing out of their own salaries. Koyaanisqatsi. 







7 Responses to “Koyaanisqatsi – life is out of balance around here”

  1. bob June 24, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

    The attitude of the local politicians and bureaucrats is no surprise.

    We must always remember that we must comply to the letter with every law, ordinance, edict, order, regulation and pay to the penny every tax, fine, fee, levy that these politicians and bureaucrats demand from us. And if we don’t they will fine us and if we don’t pay the fine they will send men with guns to put us in cages with violent inmates and if we resist and fight back they will kill us.

    There is nothing voluntary or peaceful about government. Everything government does relies on the use of coercion and violence. Who but the most ecomaniacal would be attracted to that kind of power?

    These people feel that they are entitled to tell the rest of us how we will live. And they feel they are superior to all of us.

    • Juanita Sumner June 25, 2015 at 9:52 am #

      “Who but the most ecomaniacal would be attracted to that kind of power?”

      I agree. I also thought “ecomaniacal” was a typo but I like it!

      • bob June 25, 2015 at 4:05 pm #

        I don’t know if that was a typo or freudian slip. My eyesight is not so good these days.

      • Juanita Sumner June 26, 2015 at 4:24 am #

        I think it was just accidental genius.

        I’m all for saving the planet, you know me. But these little fascists with their “I’m better than you” rules – they are a little maniacal sometimes.

      • bob June 26, 2015 at 9:27 am #

        I think it was just accidental genius.

        Hah! Well, no one ever accused me of being a genius so it must be accidental.

  2. bob June 24, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

    Well, I received my 1000 plastic bags I ordered on eBay.

    They seem pretty much the same as the ones Winco and FoodMax used, maybe a little bigger. Fast shipping, FedEx ground from Texas.

    These are not single use bags for me. I use them for groceries and garbage disposal among other things. I’ll be damned if I will buy any bag from that slave labor, rent seeking Chico Bag tyrant. And I will buy the very bags Schwab, Hokum, Sorensen, Renault and all the rest of those tyrants have outlawed retailers from providing us. F U Chico City Council.

    • Juanita Sumner June 25, 2015 at 9:51 am #

      And, no sales tax to the city of Chico – I like that! My son will be collecting them for at least another six months down south, I will be fixed for a while.

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