Here’s the real story behind Brian Nakamura’s sudden departure from Rancho Cordova

2 Jul

The article in today’s ER didn’t really tell the whole story. Here is a recent piece from Sacramento Ch 10 and a piece from last October, KCRA Ch 3.

3 Responses to “Here’s the real story behind Brian Nakamura’s sudden departure from Rancho Cordova”

  1. bob July 2, 2015 at 3:37 pm #

    So Nokamura used his mug to illegally pander for a tax increase. An increase that wasn’t even needed…

    If approved by voters in November, Measure H would generate an additional $5 million a year for a city that already enjoys a $633,312 surplus.

    If it’s rejected, city officials admit that police services would not be affected at all.

    And guess what? The idiots in Rancho Cambodia overwhelming passed the tax increase! (Over 61% voted for it!) And it’s a tax increase with no expiration.

    Just how stupid are the voters of this state? My prediction is that in the next election they vote to keep all of Brown’s increases and that the idiot voters of Chico will vote to increase their sales tax by at least a half a percent.

    After all, the idiots in Paradise and Red Bluff voted to increase their sales taxes and they don’t even have the Scwab crowd!

    Amazingly their was no organized opposition in Paradise or Red Bluff. Not even an against statement in the voter handbook in Paradise (don’t know about Red Bluff but probably so.)

    It’s amazing that most tax increase measures pass. (In the Bay Area there are now counties with sales tax rates of over 10% and the same is true for So Cal.) And virtually all bond measures pass. It really makes you seriously consider moving to some other state.

    • Juanita Sumner July 3, 2015 at 4:36 am #

      If it weren’t for talk of a sales tax increase, frankly, I would have folded up the CTA and went back to baking delicious cookies all day. I wish I could impress upon Tom Lando how much money I’ve spent online and just plain out of town since he first raised that issue. Now I’ve come to love online shopping – that’s his fault!

      After we’d bought our new car in Oroville, we found out, the sales tax on a car goes to your zip code. The laugh wasn’t on us though – the laugh was on Wittmeier, who lost the sale. The city may have got our sales tax, but they did it without any benefit to the local economy, and I guess that’s just fine with the folks Downtown.

      Forget moving, they ain’t getting rid of me that easy. Boy would they love that!

      This is the Good Fight. I’ve staked out my little trash pile and I’ve picked up a good stick and I’m ready to fight.

      When we were kids in Glenn County we had dirt clod fights at the bus stop almost every morning. It was like practice for adulthood.

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