Look for latest rate increase notice in your next Cal Water bill

18 Jul

I’ve already posted this rate case application,


From there click on “General Rate Case,” and then on the next page “Cal Water 2015 GRC Application”. I can’t send you those links  because they don’t work. 

I got that information from a friend, after I’d already called the CPUC Advisor’s office and been told there was no such application. Later I got a reply, very defensive, saying the application hadn’t been filed with their office until the 9th. Wow – the article I posted was from a market watch investor’s newsletter, dated July 6, telling of the application filed July 3. So, the investors are told about these increases before the ratepayers are notified, and that’s, well, a pile of horse shit.

But, the woman did send me the following information, which, for some reason, she would not give me over the phone. All I had wanted to know was the procedure, and these two gals just kept denying there had been anything filed.

That’s why I do this – somebody has to keep a stick to the flak catchers.

From Claudia.Portillo@cpuc.ca.gov

Customers should receive a notice informing them of Cal Water’s GRC Application in their next bill. Depending on the type of bill cycle Cal Water has they must inform their customers within 45-75 days of filing their application. The notice must also be posted in a local paper of general circulation within 20 days of filing the notice. I don’t know what newspaper that would be in your area.

The process for the application at this point will be that it will be assigned to an Administrative Law Judge (Judge) and a Commissioner. The Judge will schedule a Prehearing Conference (PHC). At the PHC the scope, schedule, and other substantive proceeding matters will be scheduled. The schedule includes possible evidentiary hearings as well as possible public hearings so there is no information about that until later on in the proceeding process. If or when public hearings are scheduled Cal Water will post a notice in the local paper as well as send customer notices.

A copy of the application is available on the CPUC website as well as from Cal Water. The notice you will receive will have more information about the application and how to obtain copies of it and any exhibits that were submitted with the application.

 If you would like to cotinine to be informed and follow this proceeding you may do so by using the CPUC’s free subscription service. I’ve provided the link below.


The real stinker in this application is they want to consolidate the Chico district with Oroville and Marysville, where they have enormous infrastructural problems. Cal Water has already been told that their rates for these areas are becoming onerous. Cal Water only got a  partial approval on their last rate increase application because there was so much protest, and a couple of CPUC judges actually questioned the increases for Oroville and Marysville. Cal Water had wanted a 38 percent increase in Chico, but it was cut to 19. So  now they will try to include Chico in these districts so they can spread out the pain.

Last time they asked for an increase, they listed the money they wanted for salaries, pensions and benefits – only $168,000 for infrastructure, the rest of the million dollar increase went to the employees. This time they say it’s all for infrastructure. Well, like Connie is always asking in Marysville – when was the last time you saw a Cal Water crew digging up a street to fix anything? 

If you do, send me the pictures, I’ll post them here. 

2 Responses to “Look for latest rate increase notice in your next Cal Water bill”

  1. bob July 18, 2015 at 9:04 am #

    Look for latest rate increase notice in your next Cal Water bill

    Stick it to the little people. Stick it to them good and hard. That’s what our rulers want.

    • Juanita Sumner July 18, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

      I still haven’t figured out a strategy on this latest rate increase, but I learn more every time.

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