Latest proposal by Cal Water will merge Chico district with Marysville – where water rates are 300 – 400% higher than surrounding communities

5 Aug

I guess you all heard Chico surpassed the water reduction target imposed by Cal Water and The Moonbeam. 

Well nobody cares, get ready for another rate increase. 

Here’s something I know you’ve all seen – my family went a few ccf’s over budget – what a bunch of soooooouuuuiiiieeeeee pigs! But you know what’s funny? We still paid a WRAM charge of about $4. “Water Rate Adjustment Mechanism” – they didn’t make enough money to cover “operating expenses” (their pensions) so they just cut up the deficit and tacked a portion onto everybody’s bill. Isn’t that kind of crazy – they say I went over my allowance, but they still stick me for not using enough

Welcome to California!

We have to fight this new proposal, write those letters to your county board of supervisors in care of clerk Kathleen Sweeney:

Ask the supers to write a letter to the CPUC protesting this merger. Here’s why:

From Lou Binninger in the Territorial Dispatch:

Marysville residents are already in shock over the region’s highest water rates, 300-400% higher than the surrounding communities of Linda, Olivehurst and Yuba City. By moving 10-minutes away Marysville people could save enough on their water bills over a year to make a month’s payment on a house.

With water rates scheduled to go up another 26% by 2016 council members may face some gnarly voters if another tax measure shows up on the ballot.


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